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Mining for growth

– Mining companies are heading to the ends of the earth to meet demand.

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Creating global mining winners in Africa

– The African continent delivers some of the best value in the world for every dollar spent on exploration. Even so, African mining... companies have yet to fully tap the continent’s reserve potential. Using big data analysis, we found opportunities in productivity, strategy and stakeholder engagement that mining companies can use to steer their way towards world-class performance.

Downsizing the US coal industry: Can a slow-motion trainwreck be avoided?

– The US coal industry faces not just overcapacity but crippling liabilities that will outlive mine closures. Setting the industry... on a viable course will require all stakeholders to step up with new ideas.

How digital innovation can improve mining productivity

– With profits down, miners are focused on improving their productivity. Digital innovation could provide a breakthrough.

Is there hidden treasure in the mining industry?

– Low equity prices may offer important M&A opportunities for the mining industry.

Leading U. S. Steel in challenging times

– CEO Mario Longhi discusses leading the company through a difficult period, its search for growth, and what constitutes success.

Getting big mining projects right: Lessons from (and for) the industry

– Overruns and delays are common in big mining projects. Intelligent interventions can improve the odds of success—particularly... on distressed projects.

Productivity at the mine face: Pointing the way forward

– Many mine operators could learn from industry leaders that are pursuing productivity-enhancing approaches.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Resource revolution: Tracking global commodity markets

– Commodity prices, though off recent peaks, still reflect emerging-market demand, a challenging geology, innovative technology,... and improved resource productivity.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Beyond the boom: Australia's productivity imperative

– An outsized boom in the natural-resources sector has produced strong income growth for Australia, but its fundamentals have been... weakening. Building a more balanced and resilient economy that can withstand a potential slowdown depends on getting back to the basics of productivity growth.

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