Our People

Practice leaders

Axel Baur

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Supports healthcare companies to develop global strategies and operating models

Penny Dash

Senior Partner, London
Works with senior management, chief executives, and leading clinicians to help redesign healthcare systems for improved clinical outcomes, efficiency,...

Viktor Hediger

Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves a variety of healthcare clients, including public and private payors, with a focus on establishing healthcare payors and healthy systems...

Shubham Singhal

Senior Partner, Detroit
As leader of McKinsey’s global Healthcare Systems & Services Practice, counsels payors and other healthcare organizations on corporate strategy,...

Our people

Gretchen Berlin

Partner, Washington DC
Leverages extensive experience in healthcare to support public and private healthcare organizations in creating sustainable transformations,...

Brendan Buescher

Senior Partner, Cleveland
Leads statewide efforts to improve population health and create sustainable healthcare delivery systems, and supports state-led efforts in multipayor...

Erica Coe

Partner, Atlanta
Advises leading healthcare companies operating in a postreform world, with expertise on reform readiness and individual market exchanges, from...

Jenny Cordina

Partner, Detroit
Improves healthcare clients’ service to important customer segments by deepening their understanding of customer attitudes and behavior

Brandon Carrus

Senior Partner, Cleveland
Works with CEOs and top teams to achieve excellence in clinical and service operations

Manish Chopra

Senior Partner, New York
Serves healthcare clients in the public and private sectors in the US, Asia, and the Middle East on strategy, pricing, mergers and acquisitions,...

Tim Fountaine

Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey’s public sector healthcare work in Asia and works with health-system leaders on health-system transformation, quality improvement,...

Dr. Kurt Grote

Senior Partner, Seattle
Brings medical and organizational expertise to support transformational change in health systems and at public and private providers

Jocelyn Grahame

Partner, New Jersey
Applies her organizational expertise to help clients shift strategy, improve performance, build capabilities,and strengthen behavior

Steffen Hehner

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Leverages background in immunology and long-standing experience in serving health systems and biopharma companies to help clients achieve substantial...

Karl Kellner

Managing Partner, New York
Brings extensive experience in health care management, and leads our Health Systems and Services Practice in the Northeast United States. Shapes...

Tom Latkovic

Senior Partner, Cleveland
Helps to improve the performance of healthcare institutions by supporting stronger organizations and more effective strategies

Dr. Edward Levine

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Serves multiple national and regional hospital networks on frontline operations transformations for both clinical and nonclinical functions,...

Celia Pohani Huber

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Develops strategies for government and private payors, benefits consultants, pharmacy-benefits managers, and charitable foundations

Martin Markus

Senior Partner, London
Heads our healthcare work in the UK and with European payors, working on strategy and health system design

Angela Spatharou

Partner, Mexico City
Leads some of the largest health service transformations in the region, focusing on productivity, access, efficiency of service, and new care...

Saum Sutaria

Senior Partner, Silicon Valley
Guides large-scale performance transformations to help improve healthcare delivery systems

Charlie Taylor

Senior Partner, Sydney
Focuses on public-sector clients and leads the Healthcare Systems & Services Practice in Australia

Steve Van Kuiken

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Brings technology solutions to help healthcare companies transform operational performance and increase market responsiveness

Tim Ward

Senior Partner, Southern California
As Managing Partner of our Southern California office, Tim leads our work with US Medicaid organizations, drawing on expertise to advise healthcare...

Rodney W. Zemmel

Senior Partner, Managing Partner, New York, Boston, Stamford
Works across the healthcare industry to help shape strategy, improve performance, respond to market disruptions and drive innovation. Across...

Bryony Winn

Partner, Chicago
Works with clients to develop a local market strategy for a single-state payor, focusing on provider partnerships and capabilities to succeed...

Damien Bruce

Partner, Melbourne
Leads McKinsey’s healthcare work in Australia, focusing on public healthcare systems, and plays a central role in facilitating multiple system...

Dr. Gunjan Khanna

Partner, Pittsburgh
Helps both payors and providers on a variety of strategic, operational, and technology work and leads McKinsey’s knowledge research on Medicare,...

Dorian Gärtner

Partner, Sydney
Serves clients across a broad range of industries with a focus on business technology, including IT strategy, operating-model design, tech enablement,...

Matthew Johnston

Partner, London
Brings 20 years of advisory and interim-management experience in restructuring, turnaround, and transformation

Ian Jefferson

Partner, Washington DC
Serves healthcare clients across the value chain and helps complex organizations undergo postmerger integrations, culture-change programs, and...

Dr. Imraan Munshi

Partner, Dubai
Advises clients on a range of healthcare-sector projects, including working with ministries of health on public-hospital performance turnaround...

Nicolaus Henke

Senior Partner, London
Serves healthcare regulators and healthcare systems globally on projects such as designing and managing competing public payors, financial management,...