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We work with healthcare leaders in 70 countries to care for more people, in better ways.

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Shubham Singhal

Director, Detroit
Leader of the Healthcare Systems & Services Practice, counseling payors as they develop growth strategies, invest in business building, and undertake...

Penny Dash

Director, London
Helps redesign healthcare systems to improve clinical outcomes, efficiency and value, working with senior management, chief executives and leading...

Viktor Hediger

Director, Dubai
Focused on the design and reform of healthcare systems in the Middle East and beyond


McKinsey’s Health Systems and Services Practice has developed a number of specialized capabilities to help clients face the challenges of today. These capabilities include:

Healthcare Actuarial

Our Healthcare Actuarial experts build and implement actuarial models to help you optimize the growth and profitability of their risk-based healthcare businesses.

Healthcare Analytics

Our Healthcare Analytics group designs, delivers, and operates advanced analytics to help payors and providers in multiple domains.

McKinsey Hospital Institute UK

Our Hospital Institute UK works with the leaders of our member hospitals to help them define and realize their goals for improvement and develop a culture of continuous learning.

McKinsey Hospital Institute Germany

Our Hospital Institute provides solutions and support for German hospital leaders that want to improve their organization’s performance and achieve lasting impact.
Visit the MHI site (in German)


Strengthening primary care improves outcomes, lowers costs

By helping primary care practices take on a larger role in care coordination, a regional health insurer is improving patients'... health while controlling costs.

Integrating services helps lower length of hospital stay

By making hospital discharges more efficient, integrated care shortens length of stay and reduces costs while improving care.

Nursing excellence program improves staff retention and quality, and reduces costs

By improving nursing staff satisfaction and quality of care, global health system reduces attrition and costs.

Building capabilities so that improvements to clinical operations will last

When an organization’s staff suffers from change fatigue, an emphasis on capability building can produce strong, sustainable results.



How healthcare systems can become digital-health leaders

– The potential of digitization is well understood, yet healthcare systems are struggling to convert ambition into reality. Here’s what we recommend.


McKinsey on Healthcare

Our latest insights into the world's largest industry.
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Center for US Health System Reform

Our source on the economics of health and the implications of the Affordable Care Act, the Center undertakes original research... and develops tools to help navigate in a post-reform era.

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