Our People

Practice leaders

Peter Breuer

Senior Partner, Cologne
Leverages deep expertise in data analytics and works along the entire value chain to help retail and consumer goods clients achieve excellence...

Peter N. Child

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Leads our retail and consumer activities in Asia. Helps clients respond to rapidly changing consumer and shopper behavior, the mobile/digital...

Jan Henrich

Senior Partner, Chicago
Leads our Consumer Packaged Goods Practice in North America and serves global consumer and agriculture companies on strategy, commercial and...

Gregory Kelly

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Helps consumer companies improve their bottom line through operational excellence transformations

Jörn Küpper

Senior Partner, Cologne
Implements winning strategies and supporting organizational structures for leading players in consumer industries. Leads our Western Europe Consumer...

Our people

Klaus Behrenbeck

Senior Partner, Cologne
Helps retail and consumer clients achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence

Richard Benson-Armer

Managing Partner, Stamford
Brings firsthand strategic business expertise, boardroom experience, and financial savvy to drive sustained business improvements for his clients...

Achim Berg

Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Advises global apparel and luxury clients on strategy, operations, and marketing—helping executives design and optimize apparel sourcing...

Brandon Brown

Partner, Dallas
Advises consumer-packaged-goods companies across the globe on a variety of commercial initiatives, including key-account strategy, route-to-market,...

Jon Cummings

Senior Partner, New Jersey
An expert on consumer goods strategy, organization, and operations, Jon currently leads McKinsey’s Americas Packaged Goods Practice.

Sandrine Devillard

Senior Partner, Paris
Leads McKinsey's European consumer and retail sectors with a focus on consumer goods, apparel, fashion and luxury, and commercial real-estate...

Alejandro Díaz

Senior Partner, Dallas
Helps international consumer goods companies capture growth opportunities through excellence in strategy, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution.

Mike Doheny

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Transforms performance for consumer and logistics companies, driving growth and productivity to improve financial performance

Karel Dörner

Senior Partner, Munich
Uses his extensive experience in digital transformation, digital marketing, multichannel technology, and e-commerce to help retail and consumer-goods...

Brian Elliott

Partner, New Jersey
Helps consumer goods clients find new ways to create value from big data

Pavlos Exarchos

Senior Partner, London
Helps consumer goods companies across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa build world-class commercial capabilities and drive sustainable performance...

Søren Fritzen

Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Helps global consumer clients achieve strategic and operational excellence

Jonathan Gordon

Partner, New York
Focuses on helping clients get the most from their marketing, with an emphasis on using analytics to maximize returns across all channels

Naoyuki Iwatani

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Helps consumer goods and services companies, and retailers with their operations transformation, strategy development, merger management, new...

Udo Kopka

Senior Partner, Hamburg
Helps global consumer-goods and retail clients with growth strategy, organization, and operations transformations

Liz Lempres

Senior Partner, Boston
Partners with executives to drive growth, reduce costs, and manage complexity globally

Max Magni

Senior Partner, New Jersey
Advises leading multinational consumer-goods companies as they seek growth and performance across borders; brings deep expertise in consumer...

Clarisse Magnin-Mallez

Senior Partner, Paris
Clarisse Magnin-Mallez leads the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Practice in France, including Fashion, Luxury and Food Service. She co-leads...

Audrey Manacek

Senior Partner, Minneapolis
Serves clients on a variety of growth topics across a broad set of consumer-facing industries, including leading consumer-goods, retail, telecommunication,...

Tim McGuire

Senior Partner, Toronto
Leverages advanced analytics techniques to enable better decision making for consumer-goods-and-services companies and retailers

Paul McInerney

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Brings deep customer insight and marketing and sales experience to consumer businesses such as retailers, packaged goods and media companies,...

Sorcha McKenna

Partner, Dublin
Helps deliver organisational transformation in health care, with a special focus on designing and implementing integrated care strategies

Jesko Perrey

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Brings deep marketing expertise to help clients make brands successful and drive strong marketing return on investment

Rohit Razdan

Partner, Singapore
Helps consumer and retail clients on a broad range of issues related to growth strategy, market entry, product innovation, and sales-and-channel...

Nathalie Remy

Partner, Paris
Co-leads McKinsey’s work for fashion and luxury-goods companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a focus on brand and collections...

Jørgen Rugholm

Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Explores cross-border growth opportunities for food and beverage clients, helping to boost operational and organizational fitness

Bill Russo

Senior Partner, Nairobi
Works closely with retail and consumer goods companies across Sub-Saharan Africa to develop growth strategies and transform operations.

Frank Sänger

Senior Partner, Cologne
Leads our Cologne office and helps consumer-goods companies and logistics-service providers achieve excellence in operational effectiveness—including...

Kate Smaje

Senior Partner, London
Serves consumer-facing companies on the strategy, marketing, operational, and organizational initiatives that will enable the digital transformation...

Kevin Sneader

Chairman, Asia, Hong Kong
Advises the top managers of leading consumer-goods, retail and healthcare companies on a broad range of strategic and operational issues

Hans-Martin Stockmeier

Senior Partner, Dubai
Leverages deep expertise to help financial institutions, family-owned businesses, and clients in consumer-facing industries transform performance,...

Fábio Stul

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Guides transformation programs, as well as growth and value-creation efforts for national and multinational consumer-packaged-goods companies...

Akira Sugahara

Senior Partner, Tokyo
Collaborates with clients in consumer-facing industries to improve product-innovation processes as well as sales-force and marketing effectiveness.

Björn Timelin

Partner, London
Helps consumer goods manufacturers and retailers increase the effectiveness of their marketing by optimising budget allocation to categories,...

Dev Vardhan

Senior Partner, Chicago
Serves technology and consumer-packaged-goods clients on transformational topics, including portfolio strategy, operational excellence, go-to-market...

Tobias Wachinger

Senior Partner, Munich
Leader of our Retail Practice in EMEA, helping retailers along a wide range of topics, from growth strategy via format renewal to commercial...

Jan Wüllenweber

Senior Partner, Cologne
Advises consumer and advanced industry clients on operations-related challenges, including IoT, procurement transformations, cost optimization,...