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Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution

– To transform the sector, action is needed in seven areas or through broader adoption of mass-production approaches.

Industrial projects and portfolios


Small equals big: Unlocking savings in small to midsize capital-project portfolios in chemicals

– Increased rigor in managing smaller chemical projects can help capture significant untapped value.

How analytics can improve asset management in electric-power networks

– New technologies and advanced computational methods can help transmission and distribution companies save money, reduce risk,... and improve the reliability of their critical assets.

Getting big mining projects right: Lessons from (and for) the industry

– Overruns and delays are common in big mining projects. Intelligent interventions can improve the odds of success—particularly... on distressed projects.

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Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Bridging global infrastructure gaps

– Global infrastructure systems are straining to meet demand, and the spending trajectory will lead to worsening gaps. But there are solutions to unlock financing and make the sector more productive.



Final approach: Heathrow Airport prepares to land its third runway

– How and why Europe’s largest airport plans to manage a major expansion.

Private money and the public good: Promoting investment in American infrastructure

– Karl Kuchel of Macquarie Infrastructure Partners believes the United States could become a much bigger market.

The debate over private infrastructure financing in the United States

– Financing costs are higher, but the results are worth it.

More than four walls and a roof: Housing as an anchor in times of turbulence

– Singapore shows how an effective housing program can promote social and political stability.

Buying and flying: Next-generation airline procurement

– Airlines have been saving through strong purchasing for decades. But with unit revenues declining, procurement must step up to... the next level.

Building Asia’s cities of the future

– How one Asian developer is using planning and technology to make cities work for people.

Industrialized delivery systems and the future of real estate

– Real-estate developers should accept that business as they have known it is changing. By adopting new construction technologies,... they can improve delivery and affordability.

Learning as a strategic necessity: Entering a global property market during a domestic boom

– China Vanke executive Zhang Xu describes how his real-estate company has met the challenges of overseas expansion.

High Speed Two: Britain’s $65 billion rebalancing bet

– Improved rail connectivity could transform development opportunities—and the entire economy—in the United Kingdom.

The road to renewal: How to rebuild America’s infrastructure

– America’s approach to planning, financing, building, and maintaining public infrastructure is fragmented and inefficient.... Here is how to improve it.

Learning from experience: How hosting the Olympics can leave a positive legacy

– Careful planning and an eye on the future can help the cities that host them.

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