We help clients improve on-time and on-budget delivery of major projects and get the most out of existing capital assets.


Megaproject Origination, Design, and Delivery

We support project development, value improvement, procurement and contracting, project execution, and distressed project turnarounds... for multi-billion-dollar mega projects.

Portfolio Optimization

Our innovative approach to sustaining capex consistently helps clients reduce their capital spend.


We design project organizations and owner’s teams, support capability building, and help implement management processes that enable... project success.


Filipe Barbosa

Senior Partner, Houston
Co-leads the global Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice and helps lead our work in energy and basic materials

Darya Borisova

Senior Partner, Moscow
Focuses on serving clients in the oil-and-gas and chemicals industries, as well as the transport, infrastructure, and logistics sectors

Roberto Fantoni

Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Latin America, serving some of the largest industry leaders and a few major family-owned...

Diaan-Yi Lin

Senior Partner, Singapore
Managing Partner of McKinsey Singapore; helps Asian government entities and companies design and implement major performance-transformation and...

Robert Palter

Senior Partner, Toronto
Specializes in helping clients identify infrastructure investment opportunities and strategically manage infrastructure assets.

Gernot Strube

Senior Partner, Munich
Advises clients in the aerospace, rail, machinery, and infrastructure sectors on digital transformations, operational strategy, and performance...

More from this practice

Global Infrastructure Initiative

Our research suggests up to 40 percent of global infrastructure and capital project investment is poorly spent because of bottlenecks, lack of innovation, and market failures. McKinsey established the GII to address these issues, promote economic growth, and contribute to more resilient and secure communities.


Infrastructure Projects Analytics Tool

The tool tracks up to 60 characteristics of more than 100,000 projects worldwide by geography and sector and gives visibility to early-stage projects, prefinancing, and tendering.

Road and bridge benchmarking

It is hard for national and local governments or even private operators to accurately estimate the cost of building roads and... bridges. As a result, they end up accepting very different tenders for essentially similar projects—which all too often run above the agreed price and schedule. McKinsey’s road-and-bridge-benchmarking tool, which analyzes 17,000 construction projects, helps asset owners understand what projects should cost and at which point in the development process costs and schedules typically go adrift. As such, it is a powerful negotiating and risk-management tool that can help asset owners capture significant value.

E&C benchmarking: Pinpointing the drivers of performance in engineering and construction

Comparing the profit margins of leading engineering and construction companies reveals wide disparities in performance. The causes,... and how to fix them, are uncovered by a three-stage analysis designed to help companies create and capture value.

McKinsey Infrastructure Diagnostic

An algorithm-based pipeline-assessment tool that helps project owners and potential investors evaluate the regulatory and financial... environment.


An engineering and construction giant reignites profitable growth

Better strategy and strong leadership pipeline unlock growth, boost revenues, and safeguard margins.

Fresh thinking for a sustainable city

A city cuts public debt and improves services–taking bold steps to reshape key agencies, generate income from state land, and spend taxpayers’ money better.

From gridlock to green light: making city transport work

A congested megacity uses big data and open innovation to deliver rapid improvements in public transit, traffic flows, and infrastructure spend.

From idea to reality: catalyzing the growth of a new city

Cutting-edge real-estate thinking shapes a $5 billion city-center development focused both on commercial succcess and quality living.

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