The firm not only celebrates but also encourages entrepreneurship…

Surrounding myself with people who can help shape my future

Before joining McKinsey, I knew that I wanted to optimize my opportunities to grow, with the belief that surrounding myself with the best people will help better shape my future. Based on this principle, I was attracted to McKinsey because of its unparalleled reputation to attract the best people, provide mentorship, and develop global leaders, such as alumni Sundar Pichai and Sheryl Sandberg.

Trying new things

What excites me the most is the ability to constantly try new things. In my first year, I worked in five different countries—China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam—and in more than ten different industries, ranging from the financial-services sector to oil and gas. McKinsey has provided me the opportunity and capability to rapidly learn and understand different industries by engaging with their most challenging issues.

Fulfilling a passion for entrepreneurship

Prior to joining McKinsey, I worked in two start-ups. As a university student, I helped to build UniSquare, a student portal that aims to better connect international students in Australia with local students and businesses. After graduation, I joined Freelancer Technology, a leading outsourcing marketplace, which went public in Australia in 2013. Before joining McKinsey, my biggest concern was whether there would be room to experiment with new ventures. I found out the firm not only celebrates but also encourages entrepreneurship, and I found people who were interested in the same causes. In 2016, my colleague Maya and I codeveloped a new-hire program with the aim of sharing practical tips to improve new hires’ onboarding experience. It is both comforting and encouraging to know the firm is a place where you can learn, grow, and try new things.

Mentorship and helpful colleagues

The firm is unique in that there is always someone to help and guide you, be it with personal questions or professional ones. Colleagues are always willing to help others. One of the core values at the firm is mentorship, which encourages people to coach other colleagues, helping them to build their success—as well as our own.

Relax and be yourself

The firm is a great place to grow and to learn valuable skills, such as structured thinking and problem solving. During interviews, it might be helpful to think of us as your future colleagues and team members. We are always excited to meet and get to know new people. One last tip: be curious and ask tough questions—we love the challenge.


The University of Melbourne
MEng, mechatronics; BSc, mechanical systems