Employment and Growth

How to drive economic growth and create jobs
Article - McKinsey Global Institute

Globalization for the little guy

– Digitization has opened the door for emerging economies, small businesses, and individuals to participate directly in globalization.

Economic growth

Company growth


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The gender-equality imperative

– McKinsey Global Institute director Jonathan Woetzel and MGI senior fellow Anu Madgavkar discuss the economic and ethical reasons... why gender equality is a worthy goal.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in India

– Achieving gender equality in India would have a larger economic impact there than in any other region in the world—$700... billion of added GDP in 2025—but comprehensive change is needed.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

South Africa’s bold priorities for inclusive growth

– Sluggish growth has left many pessimistic about the country’s economic outlook, but five actions could add 1.1 percent ($87 billion)... to annual GDP and create millions of jobs by 2030.

Getting a better handle on currency risk

– When exchange rates are volatile, companies rush to stem potential losses. What risks should they hedge—and how?

Pharma’s next challenge

– Emerging markets are becoming ever more important for pharma. Yet to be successful, a rapid shift from a marketing and sales focus... to an access-driven commercial model must occur.

Pursuing the global opportunity in food and agribusiness

– Satisfying the world’s food needs opens the door to investment throughout the value chain.

Accelerating South Africa’s economic transformation

– Two decades ago, South Africa defied expectations by transforming itself into an inclusive democracy. Now it’s time to take... the next leap forward.

Economic Conditions Snapshot, June 2015: McKinsey Global Survey results

– Emerging-market optimism dwindles, while respondents’ expectations for the future of their own economies and the global... economy remain modest.

It’s time for South African business to step up

– The country’s companies need to acknowledge their role in apartheid and apply their resources to the challenges of today.

Should the Olympics be shrunk?

– Olympian Wolfgang Maennig argues that it’s time to reconsider ambitions for infrastructure when it comes to mega-events.

Strengthening South Africa

– To win the war against poverty and inequality, we must strengthen the policies, culture, and institutions that underpin a competent... state.