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How China’s business environment will evolve on its way toward advanced-economy status.

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Capturing China’s $5 trillion productivity opportunity

Capturing China’s $5 trillion productivity opportunity

It won’t be easy, but shifting to a productivity-led economy from one focused on investment could add trillions of dollars to the country’s growth by 2030.


Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Chinese consumers: Revisiting our predictions

– As their incomes rise, Chinese consumers are trading up and going beyond necessities.

What’s driving the Chinese consumer

– Confidence keeps rising among the country’s consumers, despite economic headwinds—but just what they are buying (and where and... how) is evolving rapidly. Companies should pay attention.

Here comes the modern Chinese consumer

– Despite concerns about economic growth, the country’s consumers keep spending. Yet our latest survey reveals changes in... what they’re buying and how they’re buying it.
China’s One Belt, One Road: Will it reshape global trade

China’s One Belt, One Road: Will it reshape global trade?

One of the biggest stories in Asian business is China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, an economic and diplomatic program that could transform trade.


Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Digital music’s Asian beat

– The heady growth of new music-streaming services in the region may contain lessons for other industries.

What’s next for China’s booming fintech sector?

– The fast and furious growth of the country’s Internet finance industry will inevitably slow. Companies need to begin positioning... themselves for sustainable success.
Report - McKinsey Quarterly

Gauging the strength of Chinese innovation

– China does well in customer- and manufacturing-oriented innovation, though not in the more advanced varieties. But the country... will need them to sustain growth.

Executive perspectives

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Coping with China’s slowdown

– The China head of leading global elevator maker Kone says the country’s days of double-digit growth may be past, but market prospects... there remain bright.
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How China country heads are coping

– As multinational companies face stronger headwinds, how are local leaders dealing with the situation, and what would help them... move faster?

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Meeting China’s productivity challenge

– The country’s investment model for growth is losing steam. Shifting to a productivity-led model could add more than $5 trillion... to its economy—if China can make the transition.

Price to win under interest-rate liberalization at China’s banks

– The central bank has eased interest-rate regulations. To take advantage of the change, institutions must adopt smarter pricing... strategies.

Cracking the world’s biggest business-travel market

– Asia accounts for more than a third of the world’s $1 trillion business-travel sector, and the region’s growth is accelerating.... Do you understand its customers?

Finding the fast lane: Emerging trends in China’s auto market

– A new survey finds that Chinese car shoppers are increasingly value minded—and open to alternatives to buying new cars.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

China’s e-commerce soft spot: Logistics

– Consumers are buying massive amounts online, but subpar operating discipline in distribution is keeping costs high.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Cross-border e-commerce is luring Chinese shoppers

– Rising demand for foreign products, new platforms, and a push by the government are propelling the trend.

Amazon China’s president on ‘transformative’ technologies

– Doug Gurr reflects on how China differs from Western markets and what role data informatics will play in the future of retail.

Five keys to connecting with China’s wired consumers

– China is the world’s largest and most dynamic e-commerce market. But being successful requires understanding and embracing its... unique digital landscape and consumers.

The new dynamics of automotive supply

– The sector is popular with private investors. But before jumping in, buyers must understand the nuances that will drive growth... in the next five years.
Book Excerpt

Why China’s consumers will continue to surprise the world

– Fears about China’s slowing economy are overblown, authors Jeffrey Towson and Jonathan Woetzel argue in this adapted excerpt... from the follow-up to their The One Hour China Book.

Confronting big economic challenges

– Nobel Prize–winning economist Michael Spence discusses how increased structural flexibility could encourage stronger global... economic growth.