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With the founding of McKinsey & Company in Chicago in 1926, James McKinsey, a professor from the University of Chicago, established a new profession to help business leaders solve their most important challenges. Today, our Midwest offices are home to more than 900 exceptional people from around the world, who work with most of the region’s largest companies—and with many of the young, entrepreneurial firms and public institutions—across every major sector.

The Midwest is a fast-growing, $4 trillion economy; if it were a country, it would have the world’s fourth largest GDP. As the most diverse economy in the United States, it is home to global leaders and exciting innovators in sectors including consumer goods, healthcare, digital manufacturing, aerospace, financial services, telecommunications, and much more. In partnership with civic and business leaders, we help accelerate economic growth and job creation across the region. We also play an active role in revitalizing our cities—which boast world-class education, cultural institutions, and sports. With natural beauty on their doorsteps, from the Appalachians to the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains, our cities are consistently ranked as being among the nation’s most livable, attractive, and affordable.

What brings us together is a passion to make things better—to help our clients set bold aspirations, energize their teams, reinvigorate their organizations, and unlock growth. We’re also committed to leadership development and personal growth, and we cherish the dynamism that our diversity brings; our colleagues include business founders, authors, inventors, physicians, musicians, professional athletes, and military veterans.

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Our people

  • Virginia Simmons

    Virginia Simmons

    Senior Partner

    Managing partner of McKinsey’s US Midwest offices; brings deep experience in supporting retailers, banks, and other customer-facing firms to drive growth, harness new technologies, and transform marketing and service operationsmore

  • Jake Henry

    Jake Henry

    Senior Partner

    Serves leading medical technology companies as they set strategy, pursue growth opportunities, and achieve operational excellencemore

  • Brendan Buescher

    Brendan Buescher

    Senior Partner

    Leads McKinsey’s Cleveland office; supports both public- and private-sector organizations to drive innovation and growth and brings particular expertise in helping healthcare clients deliver far-reaching performance transformationmore

  • Kweilin Ellingrud

    Kweilin Ellingrud


    With more than a decade of experience at McKinsey, serves clients across both strategy and operations transformationsmore

  • Patrick Finn

    Patrick Finn


    Has broad experience in supporting healthcare organizations—particularly payors—on strategic planning for reform, operations, risk management, organization, and new business growthmore

  • Eugene Smit

    Eugéne Smit


    Helps major industrial companies design and deliver large-scale, multi-year transformation programs to strengthen operational performance and profitabilitymore

  • Rich Sykes

    Rich Sykes

    Senior Partner

    Advises aerospace, automotive, consumer, industrial, and healthcare clients on strategy, operations, and organizationmore

  • chris musso

    Christopher Musso


    Helps clients across a variety of sectors grow through innovation and product development, with a particular focus on shaping the future of the chemicals and aerospace & defense sectorsmore

  • srikant inampud

    Srikant Inampudi

    Senior Partner

    Managing partner of our Detroit office. Helps industrial, healthcare, and other complex enterprises pursue strategic transformation, achieve operational effectiveness, and identify innovative technologies that expand the businessmore

  • gunjan khanna

    Gunjan Khanna


    Helps healthcare payors and providers respond to market disruptions with innovative strategies that transform the businessmore

  • Audrey Manacek

    Audrey Manacek

    Senior Partner

    Serves clients on a variety of growth topics across a broad set of consumer-facing industries, including leading consumer-goods, retail, telecommunication, and health-care companies.more

  • Russell Hensley


    Serves global automotive companies on strategic and operational transformations and co-leads McKinsey’s Automotive Innovation Center (MAIC)more


Join McKinsey in one of our six locations across the Midwest, and you’ll work with talented, committed people who wake up every day eager to change the world. There are many different paths to success at McKinsey; some of our consultants focus on driving change in their home cities, while others explore opportunities across the United States and the world. Whatever your passion, you will find a way to pursue it here—as part of a team that accelerates your professional and personal growth, broadens your horizons, and helps you make a lasting difference.more

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McKinsey has six offices across the Midwest region.
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