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McKinsey in the Mid-Atlantic

Our Washington, Philadelphia, and New Jersey offices are as diverse and dynamic as the region itself. We serve leading companies from a rich mix of industries, including pharmaceuticals, health care, consumer goods, financial services, infrastructure, energy, materials, and advanced industries. We also work with philanthropic foundations and federal, state, and city authorities.

Our people represent more than 50 nationalities and come from many different backgrounds—MBAs, lawyers, doctors, academics, and entrepreneurs—bringing a wealth of experience to our client work. Our culture is high energy, entrepreneurial, creative and supportive. We help our people to follow their passions and accomplish their goals, ranging from starting up a business to initiating a public service project.

The Mid-Atlantic is a place of new beginnings: the launch pad for innovations like McKinsey’s Recovery and Transformation Services, which help to turn around distressed businesses, and McKinsey Social Initiative, a non-profit exploring solutions to complex social challenges. We also shape debate on economic issues through the McKinsey Global Institute, and pioneer fresh approaches in our industry hubs for biopharma, hospital systems, and global health.

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  • of our consultants are women

Our people

  • Judith Hazlewood

    Judith Hazlewood

    Senior Partner

    Brings more than 25 years’ experience advising healthcare and pharmaceutical company executives as they set strategy, pursue organizational effectiveness, and improve performancemore

  • Peter Pfieffer

    Peter Pfeiffer

    Senior Partner

    Advises top pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies as they pursue strategic and operational objectives in research and development, marketing and sales, business development, and M&Amore

  • Scott Rutherford

    Scott Rutherford

    Senior Partner

    Helps defense and security agencies, financial institutions, and executives in a range of sectors tackle strategic, organizational, and operational challengesmore

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Consultants in our Mid-Atlantic offices enjoy an especially broad client mix, exceptional career opportunities, and inspiring colleagues—from a serial entrepreneur to a former NFL player. We look for people with intellectual curiosity, business acumen, leadership potential, and eagerness to contribute to our thriving community.more

Latest thinking

Capturing the new value segment_1536x1536_Thumbnail

Capturing the new ‘value’ segment in medical devices

January 2015—The growing demand for products that are “good enough” and competitively priced has pushed medical-product manufacturers to develop strategies to attract and retain this new segment of customers.more


America the frugal: US Consumer Sentiment Survey

December 2014—The slow start to the US holiday shopping season is no anomaly. Our latest Consumer Economic Sentiment survey finds that some six years after the Great Recession, Americans remain reluctant spenders.more


Rapid growth in biopharma: Challenges and opportunities

December 2014—Biopharmaceuticals could become the core of the pharmaceutical industry, but not without significant transformation in the laboratory and in strategy, technology, and operations.more

Our locations

McKinsey has three offices across the Mid-Atlantic region.
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