McKinsey Mexico

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Why McKinsey

McKinsey stood out for me because of the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of industries and to be able to work with an exceptional and diverse group of people. I was really impressed with how McKinsey is able to provide services all over the world with a consistent sense of quality amongst its clients, team members, and resources.

More than just colleagues

It has been very rewarding to work with such a fantastic group of people. In working here, I have gained more than exceptional colleagues—I have made true friends. Even my maid of honor at my wedding was a former engagement manager from one of the first projects I worked on! You really develop strong and long-lasting relationships with the people at McKinsey. Not only because you spend a lot of time with them trying to find solutions to difficult problems, but also because, during that process, you learn about their lives and families and develop a personal bond with them.

Personal and professional growth

The firm has helped me grow professionally by providing all the necessary resources to develop the skills needed to deliver work of exceptional quality. I have been offered the opportunity to attend trainings outside of Mexico that have allowed me to learn as well as to develop a network with people from other offices—I still have very close relationships with some of the teams I met during these programs.

I have always been impressed with the accessibility of the partners and directors in our office. They are an approachable group of people, willing to coach and mentor all members of the team in both professional and personal areas, such as your path at McKinsey and the platform you want to build for yourself.

Flexibility and support

I have really enjoyed the flexibility to balance my personal and professional lives. When I got married, I made use of one of McKinsey’s flexibility programs and was able to take 8 weeks off for my honeymoon, which I think would have been impossible at another firm. The firm was also very supportive of my passion for writing and provided me with the opportunity to be part of the communications committee in the Mexico office, which has proven to be a rewarding experience. The committee manages internal communications and covers diverse topics, including the impact of our work, interviews with our people (newcomers to our most tenured directors), and tongue-in-cheek rumors heard around the office.

  • University of Virginia Darden School of Business MBA
  • Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, A.C. (CIDE) BA, law and economics