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A solid foundation

I joined the firm about 7 years ago as a business analyst after closing my first start-up. I had finished my undergrad degree in international business and realized that I needed more experience, knowledge, network, credibility, and capital to build a company. I had heard about McKinsey and decided that it would be a good place for me to get everything I needed. I spent 2 years at McKinsey and then left to study for an MBA. I rejoined the firm as an associate 2 years later and I’m still here. The ride has been even better than I could have imagined—my time at McKinsey has transformed me into a far better professional.

Building a diverse toolkit

In my time here, I have been able to build a fantastic general-management tool kit while working with amazing people in multiple industries, functions, and countries—so far I have done projects in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, and the United States.

Some memorable projects include improving the airport operations of an airline, identifying opportunities for a construction company, and designing a new service model for an unattended segment of a bank.

The learning and growth—both personal and professional—have been outstanding. I really believe that there is no other place where you can have such range of experiences. If you are willing to grow and learn constantly, work in diverse environments, and be as flexible as you can, then McKinsey is for you.

Taking time to see the world

The “Take Time” program available to McKinsey consultants has been incredible—it allows us to take time off between engagements to pursue personal interests like travel and further study. I have used it twice, both for travelling. The first time I took 7 weeks off to do a trip around the world with my wife. In that time we were able to see China, Dubai, Iceland, India, Jordan, Kenya, Thailand, and the United States. The second time I headed to Brazil to watch Mexico play in the FIFA World Cup.

  • London Business School MBA
  • Anahuac University Bachelor’s, international business