McKinsey Mexico

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Why McKinsey

As a career option, McKinsey had always appealed to me for many reasons, but if I had to pick one it would be professional development. I’d heard that McKinsey spent more time and resources than any other firm on developing its people and helping them grow professionally. So I joined with high expectations—yet those have been exceeded. From the beginning of my time with McKinsey, I have been actively encouraged to reinforce my existing strengths and to develop areas that need improvement. I’ve truly been taken out of my comfort zone—and I’ve learned more than I could ever have imagined.

The power of positive influences

A lot of that development has also come from the caliber of people I have been surrounded by. They’ve had an incredible influence, and they’ve pushed me to succeed. I’ve found it amazing that every single person I’ve encountered in the firm has been willing to engage with me and assist me when I’ve asked for their help. As an engineer, I’ve been able to use my strong problem-solving background and put it to use in a range of new and challenging situations that have given me insight into my own ability and professional agility. I’ve learned the most from the personal and professional relationships I’ve established through working with the best talent in the business.

Real projects

One of my most rewarding experiences happened within my first week with McKinsey. I was asked to visit state-operated health clinics in an effort to understand what their users valued most—and what could be done to address areas that needed improvement. By conducting interviews with patients and engaging with staff at the clinics, we got in-depth perspectives that helped us really understand people’s needs and concerns—and what it would take to drive improvement. The greatest insight I drew from these interviews was that consulting at McKinsey is a lot more than crunching numbers—there is a real human element, and our work improves the lives of all kinds of people.

Universidad Iberoamericana BSc, chemical engineering