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Tangible results that change people’s lives

I really enjoy seeing the reach and impact of my work every single day. Working in the Mexican public-health sector has allowed me to see the changes that my team’s recommendations have made possible. My team had the challenge of improving the daily operations of the hospitals. Working jointly with doctors and nurses, we designed new mechanisms to allow better and faster care for more patients. Our work reduced patient waiting time for emergency care by 30 percent and at the same time increased the numbers of patients served by 15 percent. The positive impact of our work is reflected in improved quality of care for millions of patients who use these facilities.

Working outside your comfort zone

McKinsey ensures you are pushed out of your comfort zone, creating the space to develop new and different skills. These new skills have real professional benefits. For example, once you prove you have strong analytical skills, the next project you work on will be one that aims to strengthen your interpersonal and client-related skills. Operating outside my comfort zone, and doing things that I initially thought I would not be able to achieve, has brought a real sense of accomplishment.

A great mix of people

Two things I love about McKinsey is the mix of exceptional people and the nonhierarchical culture. Everyone is incredibly smart, and at the same time, has a great attitude toward helping others. They are always willing to make time to assist with whatever you may need. You really get the sense of being part of the team from day one.

Be yourself

In applying, the key is not only to prepare but also to be yourself. McKinsey is looking for more than what is on your CV—it is looking for people with a great attitude who are eager to learn and grow.

Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) BA, economics