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McKinsey Hospital Institute

The McKinsey Hospital Institute (MHI) works with the leaders of our member hospitals to help them define and realise their goals for improvement and develop a culture of continuous learning. In addition, we provide objective assurance to Boards.

About MHI

Established in 2011, MHI was created to serve UK hospitals in a new way—recognising that it takes time to transform hospitals and that local context truly matters. MHI is part of McKinsey’s global healthcare practice and is staffed by a dedicated team of specialists, including medical doctors and hospital managers, along with a network of experienced external associates.
Hospital leaders working with MHI can expect:
  • Objective analysis and challenge to help member hospitals make sense of both short-term performance and long-term organisational health, or culture
  • A structured approach to drive improvement in specific areas such as in-patient wards, outpatients, A&E and acute medical units and radiology departments
  • Collaboration with other hospital leaders through joint working groups, in-person meetings and online communities
  • Breathing space with peers to think strategically and creatively with fresh input and challenge, away from the day-to-day pressures of the hospital

A recent example of our work

MHI helped the radiology department of a district general hospital manage an anticipated increase in demand at the same time it was experiencing a reduction in projected spend. Working side-by-side with the hospital for 3 months, we analysed the current situation to identify the key issues, solved problems together, helped develop staff in lean operations and organisational design principles and helped to maintain momentum and buy-in. As a result, the department was able to reduce its projected spend in 2014 by £1.5m in recurrent savings and £1m in the avoidance of an MRI equipment purchase.

MHI Membership

Membership is designed as a package of support which forms the basis for a long-term partnership in which MHI, and our hospital members work together to develop solutions to common problems. Membership provides a cost-effective backbone of support for hospital leaders including strategic advice on their priorities, analysis of performance and peer-to-peer collaboration. We get to understand our clients’ needs, know them as people and support them in a flexible way—to improve operational performance and realise strategic goals.

MHI Campaigns

Hospitals face a common set of problems that require effective problem-solving tools, the expert use of data to understand root causes and track progress, and a change in mindsets and organization, led by credible, local clinicians.

MHI Improvement Campaigns:
  • Set specific goals for quality improvement based on a proper fact base
  • Inspire a step-change in staff engagement and motivation for improvement
  • Deliver rapid and measurable improvement within defined timescales
  • Build transferable skills amongst front line staff to lead change and improvement
In 2013, MHI Campaigns brought together 14 hospitals on three topics:
  • Patient experience—we designed and implemented a highly innovative program in partnership with the Disney Institute
  • Nursing culture, quality and productivity
  • Patient care—eliminating avoidable pressure ulcers


John Drew

John Drew

Head of MHI

"We work with hospital leaders and clinical teams to help them achieve their long-term goals by providing support, challenge, analytics and expert knowledge."


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John Drew


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“MHI’s concern to achieve high quality analysis is matched only by their passion for successful delivery.”
CEO, UK Teaching hospital
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