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“McKinsey’s size and depth make it possible to experience a variety of locations, people, projects, and industries.”

Experience new cultures and perspectives

Traveling and experiencing different cultures have always been a passion of mine. I’ve backpacked around the world, and I love the adventure of being immersed in new sights, sounds, food, customs, and people.

Before I joined McKinsey, I assumed I wouldn’t fit in. I come from a simple upbringing in the countryside, and from the age of 14 I worked at a fast-food restaurant, in factories, and in home care. Applying for an internship was a new adventure for me. But the diversity here surprised me. My colleagues have studied everything from sociology to physics, have a wide variety of interests, and come from different cultures, backgrounds, and educations.

Bring your strength and passion to work

Some years back, I founded an entrepreneurial business network and was named business creator of the year. I worked with social businesses in Bangladesh, Singapore, and South America to help young people follow their dreams.

I decided to come back to McKinsey after my internship because I saw that I could bring my passion and experience to my work here, particularly in organizational transformation projects. For example, I’ve recently been working with a big company to design and implement a new performance management program. This involved leadership development, change management, and personal transformation — all topics that really excite me.

Come and try it all

An internship is an incredible opportunity to experience a variety of locations, people, projects, and industries. McKinsey’s size and depth makes this possible — you can try it all. My advice is don’t be afraid to try. Come and see what McKinsey actually does. It’s far more diverse, exciting and adventurous than you can imagine.

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