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Since 1957, McKinsey has helped visionary leaders across the Middle East unlock growth and development, build regional and global champions in major industries, and nurture the talents of a new generation. Our Middle East office brings together many of the region’s brightest people with our own experts from across six continents, all committed to helping ambitious organisations achieve their transformative aspirations—and deliver long-lasting, tangible results.

We are proud to have helped Middle Eastern governments accelerate growth in key sectors, shape infrastructure development to create world-class cities, and ramp up education and youth employment. We also work with major companies to drive rapid growth and achieve outstanding performance—in banking, industrials, telecoms, energy, real estate, construction, health care and diversified conglomerates. We are passionate about building capabilities—in our clients, our firm, and our society.  

All our work is underpinned by our deep local roots, our firm’s global reach, and our unrivalled investment in developing and creating knowledge.

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Careers in the Middle East

Career opportunities at McKinsey Middle East
A career at McKinsey is an opportunity to work with remarkable people, help shape the growth of the Middle East and its most important institutions, and learn and grow constantly. We welcome applications from outstanding graduates and experienced professionals.more

Latest thinking


Digital Middle East: Transforming the region into a leading digital economy

October 2016—A number of countries in the region have high rates of consumer smartphone penetration, but businesses and governments need to catch up.more


The sector that Riyadh should focus on

April 2016—Investing in downstream can generate up to $160bn in GDP and 800,000 jobs for Saudi nationals by 2030.

Winning in the Gulf region’s consumer-goods market

Winning in the Gulf region’s consumer-goods market

December 2015—Our survey of 13 leading manufacturers reveals best practices in customer and channel management.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Moving Saudi Arabia’s economy beyond oil

December 2015—Saudi Arabia must realize the potential of its non-oil economy through a productivity-led transformation.more

Innovation in the gulf cooperation council
report | McKinsey Center for Government

Innovation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) governments

October 2015—Governments around the world face pressure to deliver more with less in an environment of constant change. New technologies create heightened levels of transparency about government performance. At the same time that citizens increasingly seek higher quality and more accessible services, fiscal pressures limit the ability of governments to expand traditional channels and service offerings. The focus of this publication is the Middle East, which has made enormous progress and is now at the cutting edge of technology and innovation in both the private and the public sectors.

Our people

  • Wajih Abou-Zahr

    Wajih Abou-Zahr


    Brings deep experience in telecommunications, helping leading companies win market share, drive top-line growth, and transform sourcing and operations to reduce costs and strengthen performancemore

  • Salman Ahmad

    Salman Ahmad

    Senior Partner

    Leads McKinsey’s work in Pakistan. Has broad global experience in helping governments and major companies tackle their key challenges and shape growth strategies. Brings deep expertise in telecommunications, financial services, and the public sector.more

  • Alberto Alvarez

    Alberto Alvarez

    Senior Partner

    Advises leading financial institutions, investors, and sovereign wealth funds on strategy, organisation and risk management. Supports governments on sectoral reform, industrialisation strategy, and governance of state-owned enterprises.more

  • Rima Assi

    Rima Assi


    Helps major conglomerates unlock value from financial restructuring. Works with companies and governments to sharpen their strategic risk management, helping them anticipate and respond to market turbulence.more

  • Guido Baier

    Guido Baier


    Co-leads McKinsey’s Purchasing and Supply Management Practice in the Middle East and Europe, helping large companies drive procurement transformations; brings deep experience in capability building and skill-development programs to clients worldwidemore

  • Enrico Benni

    Enrico Benni

    Senior Partner

    Helps clients on a number of business-technology issues, including sourcing, CRM and global integration of IT systemsmore

  • Gemma D Auria

    Gemma D’Auria


    A leader of our Organisation Practice in the Middle East. Passionate about capability building, leadership development, and culture transformation. Also focuses on wealth management and private banking, serving financial institutions, principal investors, and family owned businesses.more

  • Amadeo Di Lodovico

    Amadeo Di Lodovico

    Senior Partner

    Leads McKinsey's Energy and Materials Practice in the Middle East and serves leading companies in the energy, metals, and mining sectors on strategic topics, operational challenges, and government policy mattersmore

  • Tarek Elmasry

    Tarek Elmasry

    Senior Partner

    Managing director of McKinsey in the Middle East, overseeing all McKinsey operations in the region; counsels CEOs, senior executives and government leaders on a range of strategic and organisational issuesmore

  • Omar El Hamamsy

    Omar El Hamamsy

    Senior Partner

    Leads McKinsey’s Cairo office. Helps leading companies, private equity players, sovereign wealth funds and national governments define and deliver ambitious growth strategies. Passionate about improving education and work opportunities for youth.more

  • Ibrahim El-Husseini

    Ibrahim El-Husseini

    Senior Partner

    Works with leading players in the public and private sectors to develop strategy, strengthen governance and operating models, and implement major restructuring effortsmore

  • nicholas garemo

    Nicklas Garemo

    Senior Partner

    Uses his expertise in infrastructure and operations to advise clients on strategy, organisation, and operational effectiveness; specializss in performance improvement for engineering and construction firmsmore

  • Panco Georgiev

    Dr. Panco Georgiev


    Works with leading institutions across the entire healthcare sector—both public and private—to improve care, shape growth and expansion strategies, transform organisational and financial performance, and develop talent and leadershipmore

  • Viktor Hediger

    Dr. Viktor Hediger

    Senior Partner

    Focuses on the design and reform of healthcare systems in the Middle East and beyondmore

  • Tom Isherwood


    Core leader of our Public Sector Practice—supporting government clients in more than 10 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East on topics related to economic development, labor markets, and building effective education systemsmore

  • Sheinal Jayantilal

    Sheinal Jayantilal


    Works with leading banks on topics including strategy, cost cutting, organisation redesign and marketing. Brings deep expertise in retail and digital banking, helping major banks significantly improve their retail propositions and productivity.more

  • Sanjeev Kohli

    Sanjeev Kohli


    Specializes in developing and executing telecom strategies as well as supporting portfolio companies create value through their assetsmore

  • Rachid Majiti

    Rachid Majiti


    A leader in McKinsey’s Global Energy Practice, serving major oil-and-gas players and utilities across the Middle East. Supports clients on strategy development, transformation programmes, and local content.more

  • Stefano Martinotti

    Stefano Martinotti


    Co-leads McKinsey’s Business Technology Office in the Middle East, as well as our global technology work for the oil and gas industry. Passionate about harnessing technology to transform government services and positively impact people’s lives.more

  • Imraan Munshi

    Dr. Imraan Munshi


    Brings deep experience in regard to the healthcare value chain, with particular expertise in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and providers. Shapes strategy, strengthens operations and builds new institutions for public- and private-sector clients in the Middle East.more

  • Hasan Muzaffar

    Hasan Muzaffar

    Senior Partner

    Leads McKinsey’s Private Equity and Principal Investing Practice in the Middle East. Helps leading conglomerates and sovereign and principal investors shape corporate strategy, optimise investments, and strengthen portfolios.more

  • Mazen Ramsay Najjar


    Leads our Kuwait office as well as the Middle East and North Africa Risk Practice and is a member of the Financial Institutions Practice. An accomplished academic and economist specializing in risk management and regulations.more

  • Laurent Nordin

    Laurent Nordin

    Senior Partner

    Co-leads McKinsey’s global Principal Investing and Family-Owned Business Practices. Helps sovereign wealth funds and major conglomerates develop and implement multi-year growth strategies and performance-improvement journeys.more

  • sangeeth ram

    Sangeeth Ram


    Supports clients in real-estate investment, development, construction, and management. Leads our work on affordable housing at a global level.more

  • Michael Rennie

    Michael Rennie

    Senior Partner

    Works with top teams to build high-performing organisations by shaping compelling visions, redesigning core processes and systems, and driving major change programsmore

  • Dieter Roelen

    Dieter Roelen


    Leads McKinsey’s Doha office and serves major clients across oil and gas, education, infrastructure, economic development and financial services. Brings deep understanding of Qatar’s development priorities and stakeholders.more

  • Dirk Schmautzer

    Dirk Schmautzer


    Shapes economic and human capital development strategies to boost growth and create jobs. Leads McKinsey’s Education Practice in the Middle East and co-leads our Global Economic Development Practice.more

  • Jorg Schubert

    Jörg Schubert

    Senior Partner

    Helps Middle Eastern governments create employment and economic growth, as well as improve public services and infrastructuremore

  • Joydeep Sengupta

    Joydeep Sengupta

    Senior Partner

    Leads McKinsey Implementation hub in the Middle East, and co-leads our Operations hub in the region. Serves leading companies in the services sectors to transform their business and operational performance.more

  • Christos Sermpetis

    Christos Sermpetis


    Leads our Middle East Operations Practice, serving companies in extractive and process industries. Brings deep expertise across the value chain in metals and mining and oil and gas. Helps drive breakthrough improvements in operations, strategy, and industrial sales.more

  • Dr. Julia Sperling

    Dr. Julia Sperling


    A founding partner and leader of McKinsey’s Middle East Healthcare Practice and a global leader in our Organization Practice. Passionate about strengthening organizational cultures using neuroscience insights, and helping remarkable women thrive in their leadership roles.

  • Ahmed Youssef

    Ahmed Youssef


    Leads McKinsey’s Family-Owned Business Practice in the Middle East. Advises investment companies and diversified groups, including family-owned conglomerates, on investment and strategy, corporate finance and governance.more

Impact on society

Core to our values is a commitment to help achieve meaningful social impact in the countries where we work.

Recent initiatives by McKinsey in the Middle East include helping develop Saudi Arabia’s ambitious education-to-employment agenda, which aims to create five million new jobs by improving and scaling up vocational education and training as well as attracting investment. We have also supported the transformation of the public-schooling system in Punjab, Pakistan, helping improve student enrolment, teaching quality, and learning outcomes across 60,000 schools covering 10 million children.

Our Women in Leadership initiative helps remarkable women lead, across major institutions in the Middle East. Our partners have also launched “Women Matter” for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 2014.

We have also helped establish several large-scale philanthropic foundations in the region, including defining strategies for heightened social impact.

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