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McKinsey Solutions and Knowledge Center in BeLux

In 2000, the Belgian Knowledge Center was founded by a handful of enthusiastic and entrepreneurial-minded McKinsey professionals. The McKinsey Solutions and Knowledge Center (MSKC), as it is known today, has evolved into four distinct entities: McKinsey Solutions, Research and Knowledge Center, Lean Center of Competence, and McKinsey Digital Labs.

The rapidly growing MSKC is located near the university campus in Louvain-la-Neuve. Our mission is to deliver high-quality client service across all industries and services through knowledge management and research expertise; innovative solutions using analytical tools, proprietary data, and specialized consulting; and by helping clients build lean expertise and operational excellence throughout their organizations.

About McKinsey Solutions

MSKC hosts the largest hub of McKinsey Solutions, which is building innovative solutions so that our clients over time can measure performance, make design improvements, and deliver results through analytical tools and proprietary data.more

About the Research and Knowledge Center

Our Research and Knowledge Center in Louvain-la-Neuve is dedicated to knowledge management and building research expertise in the sectors relevant to our work in Belgium and Luxembourg. Our knowledge professionals in BeLux assist consultants on client projects by providing rapid access to specialized expertise and business information. They work in a highly stimulating environment where they are empowered to build and deliver distinctive knowledge to client teams.

About Lean Center of Competence

Through our deep involvement with our Lean Center of Competence, our lean specialists in BeLux help deliver specialized lean expertise to help transform client organizations in operational excellence across all industries and services.

About McKinsey Digital Labs

McKinsey Digital Labs combines agile software development with expertise in mobile, cloud, and big data to create custom technology solutions that help clients increase productivity and make timely decisions. In MSKC, our technology specialists are bringing our clients' activities and processes into the 21st century by developing leading-edge web-based or mobile apps.

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