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What made you choose McKinsey?

I have master’s degrees in computer science and management, so I find working in McKinsey’s Business Technology Practice offers me a lot of scope. I help many different businesses with their IT strategy and work with telecom companies on technological challenges such as fiber to the home.

Since joining in 2006, I’ve become passionate about large-scale transformations that help whole organizations change the way they work. It’s particularly exciting to see companies banish silos and build collaboration between teams.

What kind of people work here?

One thing they have in common is a drive to bring about change for our clients and in the wider world. Other than that, they are highly diverse and individual. Take my gadget-mad Dutch colleague who’s always raving about the latest high-tech trends, but has coached me and helped me grow ever since I joined. Or the boundlessly optimistic and enthusiastic young associate who takes drama classes between projects and always has a smile and a story to tell.

What difference does it make to work at a global firm?

The best example I can think of is a project I led in South Africa. Our team had a mix of people from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Congo, Switzerland, India, and the Netherlands, and our clients were the friendliest I’ve met. One of them, a government official, even invited me to visit the South African parliament. Weekends were amazing, spotting lions in Kruger National Park, and taking an early-morning balloon trip over the mountains. I learned a lot about working with people from different backgrounds and discovered that the way to get things done is quite different from what we do in Europe.

What was your most memorable project?

I helped a large telecom operator start up a new business unit. We collaborated extremely closely right from the initial idea to the connection of the first customer on the new network. What made it special was the shared feeling that we were building something new together.

Antwerp Office

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