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What did you do before joining?

As a child I was fascinated by what was happening in the environment around me, so studying mechanical engineering was a natural choice. I wanted to join the battle against global warming by exploring how we produce and consume energy. I spent a year in the US to immerse myself in a new culture and gain a broader perspective, and that made me curious about the business world, so I enrolled for a master’s in management. And now here I am.

Is life at McKinsey what you expected?

I had very high expectations from the start. Your workplace has a deep impact on your performance, so the better the people you work with, the better you become. Even so, my experience exceeded my expectations. It isn’t just that people have an international outlook and constantly switch between languages; it’s their positive mindset that sees any obstacle as an opportunity to apply problem-solving skills.

Have you been able to follow your own interests?

Yes, right from my second day, when my team leader offered me two opportunities. I could work with the Electric Power and Natural Gas Practice to gain a better understanding of energy supply or with the Sustainability and Resource Productivity Practice to explore efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption. At the moment I’m helping to develop a web tool that enables a company to analyze energy-saving opportunities, understand their financial impact, and set priorities accordingly.

What do you like best about working here?

Every day I work with people not just in Europe, but in Asia and North and South America too. But however far I travel, walking through the door of a McKinsey office always makes me feel at home. No matter where people come from or where their passion lies, they all have the same drive to excel. Making personal connections is so easy that colleagues quickly turn into friends.

Brussels Office

Avenue Louise 480—B 23 1050 Brussels Belgium
Voice: 32 (2) 645 4211
Fax: 32 (2) 646 4548

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