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McKinsey's Belgium and Luxembourg (BeLux) office works with global companies, multinationals, and emerging leaders in and outside of Belgium, helping them build solutions and capabilities for distinctive and lasting performance improvements. We serve businesses across many major industries, from banking, basic materials, and transportation, to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and technology.

Our office embodies the spirit of innovation, diversity, and entrepreneurship. We believe the varied experiences of our office members are one of our core strengths. Our diversity brings together the best minds to tackle complex problems that don't fit into easily defined categories. We have locations in Brussels, Antwerp, Luxembourg and the McKinsey Solutions and Knowledge Center in Louvain-la-Neuve.

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Our people

Mieke van Oostende

Mieke Van Oostende


Supports financial-services and logistics companies on strategy, organization, service operations, risk management, and merger management in services

Ruben Verhoeven

Ruben Verhoeven

Senior Partner

Serves leading industrial clients on a full range of strategic, organizational, and operational topics

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Working in Belgium and Luxembourg

Careers at BeLux
In BeLux, we look for exceptional people who want to help our clients solve their critical business issues. We welcome candidates with a wide range of academic and career backgrounds, including MBA students, PhDs, and experienced professionals from different industries ranging from life sciences to corporate finance. We provide unrivaled opportunities to grow personally and professionally and achieve global impact.more

Latest thinking

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Getting a sharper picture of social media’s influence

July 2015—New research shows that buzz plays a greater role than previously thought in getting consumers to buy and that the pool of the most effective influencers is largely untapped.more

From liability to opportunity: How to build food security and nourish growth

From liability to opportunity: How to build food security and nourish growth

March 2015—How can public institutions, development agencies, investors, researchers, and producers work together to build a food sector that propels economic growth, meets demand, and helps to maintain social stability?more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism

February 2015—Companies adept at using digital tools along the consumer decision journey are gaining a sizable lead over competitors.more


Transforming the business through social tools

January 2015—The effect of social technologies in customer-facing processes is already significant. Our survey finds that while overall adoption of these tools has plateaued, companies can do more to measure and then capture social’s benefits.more

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Brussels office

Avenue Louise, 480–Box 23
B-1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (2) 645 4211
Fax: +32 (2) 646 4548

Antwerp office

Cockerillkaai, 26
2000 Antwerp
Phone: +32 (3) 242 4711
Fax: +32 (3) 242 2711

Luxembourg office

Avenue Monterey, 40
2163 Luxembourg
Phone: +35 (2) 265 64612
Fax: +35 (2) 265 62611

McKinsey Solutions and Knowledge Center

Rue du Bosquet, 19A
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Phone: +32 (0) 10 43 44 11
Fax: +32 (0) 10 45 37 01

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