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McKinsey's Marketing & Sales Practice in Japan has a 40-year track record of helping our Japanese and multinational clients grow ahead of the market.

We support clients in areas ranging from consumer-insight-driven product development to differentiated go-to-market strategies. We bring a combination of global hands-on experience serving clients across all marketing-and-sales specialties as well as proprietary methodologies and data from McKinsey knowledge capital. For example, our Insights China center provides China's largest consumer survey and detailed macroeconomic data to give clients the ability to pinpoint promising sub-segments and micro-markets that could accelerate growth. Similarly, our recent seminal work devoted to sales-growth strategies was developed through interviews with over 110 top sales executives from multiple sectors and geographies. The findings provide invaluable insight into how to drive sales growth.

Our primary areas of client service include Consumer and Shopper Insights, Advanced Analytics, Sales & Channel, Marketing Return on Investment and Branding, Pricing & Promotions, Customer Lifecycle Management, and Sales & Marketing Organization and Capabilities.

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Featured insight

Changing times, shifting targets
article | McKinsey on Marketing & Sales

Changing times, shifting targets: Brands pivot to capture new sources of growth

November 2015—Our most recent survey indicates that the challenge for the future Japanese luxury market is adaptation—to the needs of new customer segments and to the rising digital demands of the traditional customer base.

Japan’s cautious luxury resurgence
report | Consumer & Shopper Insights

Japan’s cautious luxury resurgence

50 percent of luxury brand CEOs in Japan say their sales outlook for 2014 is “significantly better” than 2013.

The new Japanese consumer
article | McKinsey Quarterly

The new Japanese consumer

The attitudes and behavior of Japanese consumers are shifting dramatically, presenting opportunities and challenges for companies in the world’s second-largest retail market.

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Paul McInerney

Paul McInerney

Senior Partner

Brings deep customer insight and marketing and sales experience to consumer businesses such as retailers, packaged goods and media companies, and financial services institutions.

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