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Frequently asked questions

Mid-career professionals

What kind of experience do the people who joined the firm have?
I don’t have an MBA or experience in corporate strategy and management. Can I still apply?
Are there any restrictions regarding age, gender, and nationality?
Will I only be assigned projects that are related to my working experiences?
I am nervous, as I previously worked in nonbusiness areas such as research and law.
I heard that there are many M&A-related tasks, so how is McKinsey different from working at an investment bank?

New graduates

Can I apply without participating in a company information session?
Should I have a high skill level in English?
Do you have internship programs during the summer?
I went to grad school directly from college for a master’s degree and PhD and am still in grad school. What is the appropriate position for me?
Can I talk with McKinsey consultants? Is it necessary to talk with them?
Can I re-apply after being turned down?
Do you hire international students?
My native language is Chinese. Can I apply both to the Japan office and a China office?
Do you send consultants to MBA programs?