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We hire exceptional people with outstanding capabilities and great potential in problem solving, achieving, personal impact, and leadership.

Each area is critical to success in our day-to-day work. We are accomplished and well-rounded, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We’re also fun to work with. Our clients and colleagues value our unique mix of talent, skill, and character.

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Career opportunities

Whether generalist or specialist, consultants joining McKinsey’s Japan office are provided with opportunities to shape their careers through various entry positions.

McKinsey hires a diverse range of talent. Generalist and specialist consultants alike support our clients’ top management teams to address their core issues. By forming teams combined of generalist and specialist consultants, we increase opportunities to provide long-term support to clients in transforming their businesses.

Upon joining the firm, generalist consultants are assigned to a variety of industry and functional projects as they work their way to the project manager level, after which they are expected to build on their experience and refine their expertise in specific industry or functional areas. While specialist consultants also follow the development path of the generalist consultant, they focus on a specific field (e.g., business technology, operations, marketing) when they join the firm, and proceed to build a career in that sector.

As McKinsey consultants, both the generalist and specialist roles are essential for delivering the greatest added value to our clients.

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Roles at McKinsey

McKinsey life

Life as a consultant

Life as a consultant

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Our people

  • Kazuaki


    Associate principal | University of Tokyo

    “For me, the key to delivering value is to put yourself in our client’s shoes. You can do great analysis, but it’s only valuable if it helps solve the problem the client is worried about.”more

  • Yuito


    Associate principal |
    Keio University

    “Being a consultant allows me to create value and apply problem-solving skills beyond Japan’s borders, especially as McKinsey focuses on helping Japanese companies globalize.”more

  • Takanori


    Associate principal | University of Tokyo

    “Being part of a global firm means that you not only tap into other people’s knowledge and expertise but that you adopt a global mindset as well.”more

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