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Why McKinsey

Although I’m from Portugal, my first project at McKinsey was in Luanda, and I have spent most of my time in Angola since then. I think Angola-based projects are particularly interesting and challenging because of the growth opportunities and the speed of change in the country. This opportunity to help shape the future of the main companies in this country is incredibly exciting.

Making a difference in Africa

It’s been incredibly rewarding to have the chance to live in Africa, get to know the local culture and people, and travel in the region. I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to coach and develop client team members, helping to bridge the gap in management skills that many African countries still have. Most of all, it’s been great to play an active part in projects that have made a real difference in changing and improving a whole country. The speed at which Angola is catching up with the developed world is remarkable. This country is completely different from what it was 3 years ago, and I’m certain it will be completely different 3 years from now.

Professional and personal growth

Professionally, I have been given tremendous freedom and responsibility, right from the earliest stages of my career. The scope of the projects at McKinsey is very broad, and that allows everyone to step up. Personally, it has been a unique experience to live on a very young, happy, and vibrant continent, with a bright future and lots of opportunities.

Isto é Angola

This place is different—the growth rates, the extremely high percentage of young people, the mixture of people from different backgrounds and social classes. “Isto é Angola!” Pure copy/paste from other places rarely works.

Universidade Técnica de Lisboa—Instituto Superior Técnico Undergraduate degree, mechanical engineering

Luanda Office

Avenida Lenine,
Torres Oceano,
Torre A, 21ºA
Luanda, Angola
Phone: (244) 226 425 400
Fax: (244) 226 425 401

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