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Why McKinsey

I was born in Angola and have an ambition in life to become a leading professional who can help Angola and Portugal grow socioeconomically. To attain my goal, I believe that the fastest and most efficient way is to learn with people with the best know-how—and that’s why I applied to McKinsey.

Challenging and rewarding work

In McKinsey we work hard, but we also learn a lot. I have already worked in several totally different industries, responsible for many different tasks. For example, at a telecommunications client, I helped optimize the company’s everyday business, design a new strategy for one of their most important customer segments, and reduce supplier costs. The work I’ve done has been incredibly varied and is in areas I was not previously familiar with—and this has made the execution more challenging and rewarding at a learning level.

Emphasis on professional development

I was surprised at the importance McKinsey places on professional development. I have already taken part in two training programs abroad. I have access to an online portal focused on learning, and that helps me immensely in improving the quality of my work. I also receive ongoing feedback from my colleagues—an obligatory practice at McKinsey.

Strong adherence to values

What’s been remarkable for me is McKinsey’s strong adherence to a system of values. We are not allowed to disclose the names of our clients, and the quality of our work is measured by the impact that we have on our clients’ success—not in time sheets filled with working hours.

'We can all be consultants'

When I started at McKinsey, a colleague said to me, “We can all be consultants,” and now I am completely convinced that she was right. To be a consultant, there’s no need to follow a predetermined path or have specific previous experience. What is needed is a strong will to work and learn—qualities that I believe are fundamental not only to consulting but also to success in most other business careers. Whatever your background, if you have the ambition to have a lasting impact on businesses and organizations, you should consider applying to McKinsey.

University of Chicago Undergraduate degree, economics

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