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Since 2007, McKinsey has played an active role in Angola’s reconstruction and modernization, contributing to the country’s rapid development and to Africa’s economic rebirth. We support government in expanding key infrastructure and driving institutional reform, and we help international and Angolan companies play their part in the accelerated growth of the business sector. Our work spans multiple industries, including oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, transport, and retail. McKinsey’s work in Angola is supported by consultants from our offices around the world, as well as a fast-growing cohort of Angolan nationals.

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Our people

  • Armando

    Armando Cabral

    Senior Partner

    Leads the consumer group in the Telecommunications Practice in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and is responsible for setting up McKinsey's practice in Angolamore

  • Luis

    Luís Cunha

    Senior Partner

    Serves as location manager of our Lisbon office, and advises clients on strategy, operations, and organization with particular focus on the banking, insurance, and public sectors. Luís also helps lead the European Banking Practicemore

  • hugo santo

    Hugo Espírito Santo


    Leads McKinsey’s Travel, Transport, & Logistics Practice in Portugal and Africa. Passionate about strengthening the aviation sector to drive economic developmentmore

Featured practices


We work with leading companies across Angola’s major industries. We are supporting the transformation of key sectors, including oil and gas, transport, and energy and helping unlock growth in financial services, telecommunications, and retail to meet the needs of a fast-developing economy.


We apply McKinsey’s global expertise to shape growth strategies for major businesses and sectors, help reform and restructure key institutions for high performance, build our clients’ leadership and capabilities, and develop marketing strategies to tap into Angola’s fast-growing consumer base.


For top talent from Angola and around the world, a career with McKinsey in Luanda offers the opportunity to work with global companies and senior government leaders on their key challenges—and deliver impact that is visible in our clients’ rapid growth and the country’s accelerated development. Our culture is nonhierarchical, solutions focused, and strongly supportive of professional and personal development. We recruit exceptional people from all academic backgrounds.   more



Winning in Africa’s consumer market

July 2015—For consumer-goods companies, Africa holds much promise—but also many pitfalls. To succeed on the continent, companies must learn from the failures and successes of others.more


Dangote Group on the Africa opportunity

July 2015—Aliko Dangote, CEO of West Africa’s largest conglomerate, discusses expansion plans for his company and why now is the time to invest in Africa.more

  • includes:

Powering Africa

February 2015—There is a direct correlation between economic growth and electricity supply. If sub-Saharan Africa is to fulfill its promise, it needs power—and lots of it.more

interview | McKinsey Global Institute

The growth opportunity in Africa

February 2015—Nigeria’s finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, explains why addressing the technology, agriculture, and infrastructure needs in parts of Africa, and in other emerging markets, is crucial to sustaining global growth.more

  • includes:
report | McKinsey Global Institute

Lions go digital: The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa

November 2013—A majority of urban Africans own Internet-capable devices and go online regularly. If infrastructure investment continues, the Internet will take hold on a much larger scale in the coming decade—potentially adding $300 billion a year to Africa’s GDP.

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Africa at work: Job creation and inclusive growth

August 2012—The world's second-fastest-growing region must speed up job creation to sustain its successes. By focusing on labor-intensive sectors such as agriculture, some types of manufacturing, and retail and hospitality, African nations could boost the number of new wage-paying jobs from 54 million on current trends to 72 million by 2020.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Lions on the move: The progress and potential of African economies

June 2010—Africa's economic growth is creating substantial new business opportunities that are often overlooked by global companies. Consumer-facing industries, resources, agriculture, and infrastructure together could generate as much as $2.6 trillion in revenue annually by 2020, or $1 trillion more than today.more

  • includes:

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