I always push myself to do better

At McKinsey, my colleagues are genuinely interested in seeing me grow

Our goals as an organization are twofold: helping major companies reach ambitious and complex goals, and developing people. I’ve found McKinsey maintains a good balance between my personal development and the complexity of the work I do. As I have grown and become more comfortable in my role, I have been given more responsibility. This kind of investment in people means a lot to me. We are also constantly giving and receiving feedback on anything from working with clients to presenting data. The payoff is tremendous and I consider the people I work with my close friends—I still keep in touch with almost every project manager I have worked with.

Strong solutions are always a team effort

In my time at the firm, I’ve seen importance placed on the value of collaboration and teamwork. For example, I was recently involved in a project concerning an international retailer, and we were trying to get a better understanding of the company’s store network. We approached it first by gathering every data and statistic available to us and ended up with a top-down perspective. We then decided that we also needed to spend time inside the actual stores. Observing and talking with the individual store managers gave us a completely different perspective, and their thoughts ended up shaping the bigger picture.


University of Copenhagen
MSc, economics