We work with clients to define and create opportunities, and transform their businesses to excel in a rapidly changing world. Our consultants serve mobile and integrated operators, digital media companies and networking and equipment firms in both mature and emerging markets.

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Are your customers becoming digital junkies?


We have surveyed more than 200,000 consumers across 15 countries to understand how they use technology to communicate, consume content, shop, and create. Learn more about the insights from this multi-year research initiative.more

Telecoms extranet

Telecom, Media & High Tech Extranet

The Telecommunications, Media and High Tech (TMT) practices now have a new Extranet with insights into the industry, including an extensive article database and a members list to help you get in touch with industry experts. Free access is granted to all business leaders in the TMT industries.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing is an IT phenomenon transforming the way information is captured, stored and managed. Kara Sprague, a partner in McKinsey's Silicon Valley office, and Will Forrest, a partner in McKinsey's Chicago office, discuss how cloud computing is a key disruptive force creating opportunities for both traditional and new players, driving technological innovations, and leading to the emergence of new business models.

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Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

September 2014—More than 60 percent of the world’s population remains offline and adoption is slowing. This report explores the barriers to bringing people online and introduces a new measure to help policy makers understand the challenges in their particular country.

Cloud services for SMBs

Big business in small business: Cloud services for SMBs

March 2014—Cloud services are gaining ground in all segments, but small and medium-sized businesses present a unique opportunity. Understanding and addressing what sets them apart is the key to success.

grow fast or die

Grow fast or die slow: How software and online-services companies become billion dollar giants

February 2014—Growth yields greater returns and matters more than margin. But sustaining growth is really hard and the recipe for sustained growth depends on successful transition from one act to the next.

the funnel is dead
article | McKinsey on Marketing & Sales

The funnel is dead. Long live the consumer decision journey

February 2014—Without the ability to understand their customers, companies will find it difficult to be where their customers are.

data profitability in emerging markets

Evolve or perish

January 2013—Digitization is a crucial process of interaction of consumers with brands, mandating companies to transform themselves quickly and effectively.

data profitability in emerging markets

A "New Deal": Driving investment in Europe's telecoms infrastructure

December 2012—In an age of competitive pressure and lower revenues, stakeholders will need to enter into a new pact that improves profitability, makes investment feasible, and increases the chances of attractive returns.

data profitability in emerging markets

Higher satisfaction at lower cost: Digitizing customer care

Does it make a difference whether telecoms players handle customer interactions online or via traditional channels? The answer may surprise you.

data profitability in emerging markets

Navigating industry turbulence: An interview with Erik Hoving, KPN Group

December 2012—Erik Hoving is the Chief Strategy, Innovation, and Technology Officer for the KPN Group. In this interview, he talks to Michael Gryseels about his perspectives on the challenges facing the TMT industry.


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