Featured case studies

Creating a focused external affairs strategy and the team to execute it

By prioritizing issues including regulatory change and resource scarcity, and leveraging digital media, a beverage company reduces reputational risks and enhances its valuemore

From good to great: World-class innovation in consumer electronics

A consumer-electronics giant advances from “fast follower” to industry leader by transforming the way it innovates.more

Helping a European retailer prioritize and create growth opportunities

Use the Three Horizons of Growth to create a five-year strategy.more

Granular understanding of opportunities in China marketplace spurs growth

A hardware manufacturer develops a tailored go-to-market model for each customer cluster and a customized approach for each dealer category to increase market share by 5 percent in 12 months.more

Viewing the portfolio through a new strategic lens

Building a better growth strategy by considering businesses along with the markets they serve.more