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McKinsey on Semiconductors

Number 2
Autumn 2012
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Two major themes continue to reshape the semiconductor industry: the impact of the mobile-device segment and the increasing pressure for a more sustainable means of growth. In this issue, we offer our best thinking on how to map a path to a successful future.

Articles in this issue

Revenue in semiconductors

Finding the next $100 billion in semiconductor revenues

In 2010, the global semiconductor industry crossed the $300 billion revenue mark for the first time. But the industry is at an inflection point: if players position themselves to tap the right microsegments, industry sales could approach $400 billion as soon as 2015.

Computing landscapes impact on Semiconductor industry

The supercomputer in your pocket

Over the past decade, the computing landscape has shifted from beige boxes under desks to a mix of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and hybrid devices. This explosion of mobile CPUs is a profound shift for the semiconductor industry and will have a dramatic impact on its competitive intensity and structure.

Enable alpha growth

What will enable alpha growth?

A metric known as alpha growth measures a company’s ability to grow faster than its market. Traditionally, semiconductor companies haven’t stacked up well against players in other industries when it comes to this indicator—but there are ways to close the gap.

Creating value through divestiture

Creating value through M&A and divestiture

M&A has long been an important contributor to the growth of semiconductor companies. In this article, we review the industry’s record, forecast the most effective M&A models, and highlight capabilities required to get the process right.

Big data opportunities for Semiconductors

Big data and the opportunities it creates for semiconductor players

The wave of big data is likely to reshape not only how business gets done but also the pockets of opportunity for semiconductor players. In this article, we explain the nuts and bolts of big data and present a semiconductor-centric view on segments likely to grow most rapidly.

Market for the semiconductors that power wireless communication

Semiconductors for wireless communications: Growth engine of the industry

Over the last three years, the market for wireless semiconductors has undergone tectonic shifts, with new operating systems and high-performance smartphones taking the stage. The disruption creates opportunities for new players and changes the game within the industry.

Unlocking sales potential

Unlocking sales-force potential in the semiconductor industry

Many semiconductor companies are struggling to find growth, and yet significant potential is sitting right in front of them, overlooked. A rigorous rethinking of sales and marketing processes can uncover hidden opportunities and convert them into real revenue.

Scott McGregor interview

At the core of communications: An interview with Broadcom’s Scott McGregor

Scott McGregor, president and CEO of Broadcom, talks about the roles that M&A and talent management play in shaping the strategy-development process. He also discusses his vision for the future of the semiconductor industry and Broadcom.

Solar phoyovoltaic sectors global reach
article | Sustainability & Resource Productivity

Solar power: Darkest before dawn

Those who believe the potential of the solar industry has dimmed may be surprised. Companies that take the right steps now can position themselves for a bright future in the coming years.


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