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Improving disaster relief

Improving disaster recovery: Lessons learned in the United States

June 2015—This article will help state and local government leaders understand some of the most critical actions they must take to set themselves up for the daunting task of recovering from a major disaster in the U.S.A.

A_marathon_ not_a_sprint_Capturing_value_from_BCBS_239_and_beyond_1536x1536_Original_Thumbnail

A marathon, not a sprint: Capturing value from BCBS 239 and beyond

June 2015—Meeting more stringent regulations requires banks globally to spend billions of dollars. Yet with the right long-term strategy, they could realize even bigger annual savings.more

People and talent management in risk

People and talent management in risk and control functions

May 2015—Given increasing requirements and a scarce talent base, risk-management functions in corporates and financial institutions face more and more challenges to recruit, develop and retain the right people. Based on a survey and intense discussions with industry experts we lay out 5 strategic initiatives how risk functions can improve on people and performance management.

Managing the people side of risk

Managing the people side of Risk

March 2015—With an increasing need for banks to manage their risk culture, we explore how risk culture should be defined, what’s required to transform risk culture, and how organizations can monitor progress on evolving risk culture towards a desired target state.

Voices on bank transformation

Voices on bank transformation: Insights on creating lasting change

March 2015—This paper draws together the perspective of McKinsey experts on organizational health, risk culture, and digital transformation with the experience of five successful CEOs and chairmen to illustrate the changes reshaping banks.


Managing supplier risk in the transportation and infrastructure industry

February 2015—Introducing systematic risk-management tools, particularly in the supplier-selection process, could help mitigate problems associated with the industry.more

Managing supplier risk
report | McKinsey Working Papers on Risk, No. 57

Managing supplier risk in the transportation and infrastructure industry

November 2014—While advanced methods for managing and mitigating risks are applied in e.g. the power and financial-services industries, many others still lag behind. In the transportation industry, project volumes can be significantly larger than EUR 1 bn and span across decades. Recent examples show severe failures across the full life cycle, exhibiting large risks caused by complexity of projects. When looking at credit ratings among rail OEMs, large compensation payments could lead to severe shocks in financial health, threatening a company's solvency. Despite this, counterparty risk is generally not part of the supplier evaluation in the rail industry. We therefore propose for rail customers to include minimum rating requirements of guarantors in their contract structures.


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