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About Nicolò

Nicolò oversees our retail and consumer goods activities in Southern Europe (Iberia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel). His current area of focus is digital and multichannel excellence, helping retailers and consumer goods manufacturers benefit from digital opportunities across their entire value chain.

A nuclear engineer by training, and a former CERN researcher, Nicolò has been with McKinsey since 1996. Based in Paris, he works with global consumer goods companies and leading international retailers, covering categories such as grocery, beverages, and apparel. He has recently worked on commercial transformation programs driven by customer insights, and has extensive experience setting multichannel strategies and commercial approaches for retailers and channel strategy and route-to-market approaches for consumer goods clients.

Nicolò’s recent client engagements have included rethinking the multichannel strategy and boosting e-commerce for a multi-category retailer, designing and implementing an organizational transformation for a leading global retailer, and helping a leading national provider of food services resolve pricing issues. His recent publications include “Capitalizing on Customer Insights” in the McKinsey Quarterly, a discussion of opportunities arising at the intersections of proliferating segments, channels, and product categories.

Published work

The future of online grocery in Europe,” McKinsey & Company, March 2013

"Capitalizing on customer insights," McKinsey Quarterly, August 2006

Past experience
CERN Scientific Associate 1991–1993
Politecnico di Torino BA

Paris Office

90, avenue des
75008, Paris,
Voice: 33 (1) 40 69 14 00
Fax: 33 (1) 40 69 93 93

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