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Jesko, leader of the global customer lifecycle management (CLM) group, helps clients enable powerful customer-interaction strategies to drive growth and profitability. He works in brand communications and architecture, segmentation and customer-relationship management, brand building and brand-portfolio optimization, and on marketing ROI programs.

Jesko is the author of many articles and essays in leading journals and compendiums on subjects such as branding, marketing ROI, and segmentation. His publications address both retail-specific issues and broad topics relevant across industries. He is the author of the book Power Brands: Measuring, Building, and Managing Brand Success, which helps clients keep up with the latest advances in brand management, including a systematic study quantifying the bottom-line impact of creative advertising; a segmentation-based strategic platform to support brand-management decisions; a set of concrete operational measures to implement brand strategy; and insights that help improve reach, cost, and quality in places of critical interaction with customers.

Most recently, Jesko authored the book Retail Marketing and Branding: A Definitive Guide to Maximizing ROI, which offers retail professionals practical and robust ways to improve the performance of their marketing functions and align marketing investments with business objectives.


Jesko on digital-marketing return on investment (YouTube).

Published work

Marketing the Mercedes way,” McKinsey Quarterly, February 2015

The dawn of marketing’s new golden age,” McKinsey Quarterly, February 2015

Getting the CMO and CIO to work as partners,” McKinsey & Company, August 2014

Retail Marketing and Branding: A Definitive Guide to Maximizing ROI, Wiley, 2010

Power Brands: Measuring, Building and Managing Brand Success, Wiley, 2008

"Boosting returns on marketing investment," McKinsey Quarterly, May 2005

"Making brand portfolios work," McKinsey Quarterly, November 2004

University of Münster DBA
University of Bielefeld MBA

Düsseldorf Office

Kennedydamm 24 40027 Düsseldorf Germany
Voice: 49 (211) 136 40
Fax: 49 (211) 136 4700

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