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Drawing on the experience of our business technology consultants, we bring world-class technological expertise to retail clients.

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Technology is transforming the way leading retailers run their businesses. In more than 400 technology and operations projects since 2007, we have seen early adopters of advanced technology capture sizable benefits.

We work with retailers to identify and implement effective and robust solutions. Our work often covers topics such as:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

We help retailers manage the challenges associated with ERP and the implementation and transformation of related systems.

Technology in supply chain

In cooperation with our Operations Practice, we help retailers select and implement the optimal supply chain solutions for their business needs.  more

Innovation in technology

We scout the market for new trends and innovations in retail technology, and we provide criteria to help retailers prioritize their investments.

Multichannel technology

Catering to customers across multiple touch points and distribution channels requires a dependable back end. We help clients map out the IT solution space for online and multichannel retail.  more

We update our skills and our expert networks to help clients stay at the cutting edge of retail technology.

Tools and solutions

Our clients and teams draw upon proprietary tools that make it easier to work through complex, strategically important assessments and investment decisions:

  • The 360 Degree Diagnostic comprehensively evaluates a retailer’s IT performance level, covering efficiency, governance, effectiveness, and enablement.
  • The Commercial Strategic Intelligence Tool gives a basis for making trade-off decisions across all commercial and marketing levers. Specifically, it helps to prioritize investments based on their contribution to overall value creation. Learn more

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