Big Data & Advanced Analytics

The amount of data available to retailers is exploding: companies can make use of transaction logs, loyalty card profiles, ad tracking, and custom research. Our experts empower retailers to derive meaningful insights from this data and translate these insights into opportunities.more

Digital & Multichannel Excellence

Online shopping, smartphones, and social networking are part of the shopping experience today. We work with clients to embrace these new opportunities, develop comprehensive multichannel strategies, and improve their digital marketing performance.more

Emerging Markets

While most established retail markets have reached maturity, emerging markets are seeing spectacular growth; developing economies will account for 50 percent of all private consumption by 2025. We help retailers figure out where and how to play.more


Retailers know so much about their customers—where they shop, what they buy, and how they pay for it. We help turn these insights into growth by balancing data-driven analytics with creative communication.more


The commercial offer is at the heart of retail value creation, driving customer satisfaction and overall profitability. We help retailers optimize crucial merchandizing activities such as pricing and promotions, assortment, and supplier management.more


Operations are core to a retailer’s bottom line, and success requires both superior operational strategy and flawless execution. We help retailers safeguard shopper value and improve margins through operational excellence in stores and along the supply chain.more


Retailers depend on discipline and agility across their store networks. We help clients optimize the design of their organizations to push for better performance.more


Even the most successful retailers are challenged by shifts in customer behavior, increasing corporate consolidation, and ongoing format evolution. We help companies develop successful strategies to drive value creation.more


Technology is driving a revolution. While it used to help retailers win the game, it’s now changing the game. We help retailers use technology to achieve substantial performance improvements across the entire retail value chain.more