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Perspectives on retail and consumer goods

Number 4
Autumn 2015
The fourth edition of our consumer journal helps readers turn today’s industry challenges into opportunities.

Featured insights

Mind the gap: What really matters for apparel retailers in omnichannel

Mind the gap: What really matters for apparel retailers in omnichannel

November 2015—Omnichannel retailing is the phrase on the lips of every executive today, but many retailers question its impact on profitability. Find out what really matters to consumers and where retailers should invest.

Smarter schedules_1536x1536_Thumbnail

Smarter schedules, better budgets: How to improve store operations

August 2015—Through activity-based labor scheduling and budgeting, retailers can cut store labor costs by up to 12 percent while improving both customer service and employee satisfaction.more


Winning in Africa’s consumer market

July 2015—For consumer-goods companies, Africa holds much promise—but also many pitfalls. To succeed on the continent, companies must learn from the failures and successes of others.more


Turning down the cost of utilities in retail

June 2015—A holistic approach is helping retailers overcome barriers, prioritize activities, and accelerate payback of energy-saving measures in stores.more

Featured books

Retail and brand marketing

Retail Marketing and Branding: A definitive guide to maximizing ROI

Jesko Perrey, Dennis Spillecke, 2013

This book offers retail leaders practical ways to improve their marketing function's performance to drive corporate growth. Practical guidelines and case examples make it an accessible guide for all consumer-minded retailers.more

Reshaping Retail

Reshaping Retail

Stefan Niemeier, Andrea Zocchi, Marco Catena, 2013

This book reports the results of a global research effort that McKinsey has undertaken to make sense of the digital revolution in retail. The authors anchor their analysis in the origins and underlying workings of the retail business model, the technology drivers that are changing it permanently, and the likely development of the retail sector in the coming years.more


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