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We work with leading innovators in pharmaceuticals and medical products to ask the right questions, provide insights, and deliver results. We help clients build capabilities to deliver lasting business impact.

Proprietary tools & solutions

Our sophisticated tools and solutions help pharmaceutical and medical product companies during the entire product development lifecycle, from discovery through post-launch. Many were created specifically to address the unique challenges that PMP companies confront.more

Latest thinking

Flawless: From measuring failure to building quality robustness in pharma

Flawless: From measuring failure to building quality robustness in pharma

Having zero errors should be the one overriding objective for quality in the pharmaceutical industry. We highlight how companies can shift their emphasis from “eternal vigilance” to “production system design,” building more robust products and processes, and aiming for performance that comes as close as possible to “flawless.”

Finding the edge

Finding the edge: The latest commercial approaches for winning in biopharma and medical products

Through our client service and through independent research and analysis we are developing a vision of what it will take for manufacturers to win in the future US healthcare environment. Some companies are already finding their way in the post-reform world, yet most are still on a journey of discovery.

Finding opportunity

Finding opportunity in uncertainty

Supply chain is the big challenge in our increasingly volatile world. We have identified a number of specific opportunities where the supply chain could create billions of dollars in value upside for pharmacos. By leveraging lessons from other industries, we provide context to use the supply chain as a key enabler for value creation—which we discuss along the supply chain strategy, execution, and its transformation.

Quest for excellence

Quest for excellence

The medical product industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. We provide a perspective on the operations function in medical product companies to help respond to these changes, zooming in on some of the capabilities that will matter for the future ranging from design-to-value to software development.

Beyond the storm

Beyond the storm: Launch excellence in the new normal

Only a third of launches meet or exceed analysts’ expectations. What should pharma companies do to deliver excellence at launch?

Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine: The path forward

Personalized medicine is now poised for rapid growth because of recent scientific advances. With the right strategies, pharmacos, biotechs, and diagnostic companies could capture many new opportunities in this surging field.

Developing capabilities in supply chain, Marketing, R&D

Unlocking pharma growth : Navigating the intricacies of emerging markets

Emerging markets offer attractive opportunities for growth, but pharma companies need to navigate the intricacies of individual markets and develop tailored capabilities and commercial models to tackle the challenges.

Healthcare challenges in China
compendium | McKinsey Greater China

Healthcare in China: Entering uncharted waters

China’s healthcare sector continues to develop at an astonishing rate, but challenges remain. This compendium offers a diversity of perspectives on the substantial, complex, and important domain. A selection of articles are published on the McKinsey China Healthcare page.

Operations for the executive suite

Operations for the executive suite

Highlights specific opportunities for operations to create significant value upside for pharmacos and emphasizes the role of the executive suite in enabling this value creation.

Escaping the sword of Damocles

Evolution or Revolution: McKinsey perspective on drug and device R&D

Recent years have seen a collapse in the industry’s R&D productivity. Regaining trust by delivering life-changing new drugs is still an achievable goal, but it will require discipline, creativity, and luck in equal measure.

Outpacing change

Outpacing change in pharma operations

Reviews our major recommendations for improving pharmaceutical operations and increasing client capabilities.


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How big data can revolutionize pharmaceutical R&D

April 2013—Pharmaceutical R&D suffers from declining success rates and a stagnant pipeline. Big data and the analytics that go with it could be a key element of the cure.more

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