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From science to operations

From science to operations: Questions, choices and strategies for success in biopharma

As biopharma products are moving from niche to mainstream, the industry is facing a paradigm shift in cost, quality, complexity, and scale—creating opportunities to develop new and different technologies and operating models. Achieving the next phase of the industry potential will require a further revolution, not only in the laboratory but also in strategy, technology, and operations. Decisions made today will affect companies’ competitive positions years or even decades into the future.

Value creation in medical device M&A

Value creation in medical device M&A

September 2014—Successful large, transformative deals are rare in medical devices. With another wave of consolidation ahead, large deals have a role, but they should be carefully considered in the context of a programmatic M&A strategy.


Pharma’s first-to-market advantage

September 2014—What’s the value of bringing a drug to market first? In some cases, it may be less than you think.more

Flawless: From measuring failure to building quality robustness in pharma

Flawless: From measuring failure to building quality robustness in pharma

Having zero errors should be the one overriding objective for quality in the pharmaceutical industry. We highlight how companies can shift their emphasis from “eternal vigilance” to “production system design,” building more robust products and processes, and aiming for performance that comes as close as possible to “flawless.”


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