The Organization Practice has developed a set of proprietary tools and solutions to help our clients power growth.

McKinsey Academy

McKinsey Academy is a dynamic business education platform built to help companies thrive by accelerating their talent advantage. Leading global organizations seek to drive their competitive advantage through their people. McKinsey Academy provides scalable business education that is rigorous, relevant, and applicable. McKinsey Academy helps professionals develop the skills required to address today’s business challenges so organizations can achieve outsize, lasting business impact.

Organizational Health Index

McKinsey’s proprietary Organizational Health Index is a comprehensive, survey-based assessment of an organization’s effectiveness and management practices. Worldwide, more than 600 major companies have used the tool to gauge their organizational health, diagnose organizational culture, and identify paths to performance improvement. Results are benchmarked against industry leaders and regional trends.


McKinsey's proprietary OrgLab is a tech-enabled solution focusing on organizational diagnostics, org design, and talent deployment. OrgLab's software enables users to analyze HR data and identify opportunity areas (including spans & layers), as well as visualize and create organizational design scenarios. OrgLab's solution offering includes expert trainings, guided workshops, and tech-enabled immersion centers that empower business leaders with the capabilities to make effective organizational decisions.

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Complexity Survey

McKinsey's Complexity Survey allows clients to identify the organizational areas where complexity is a real problem and the drivers of it. The web-based survey is based on McKinsey's distinctive understanding of organizational complexity, the main drivers of it, and what you can do to manage it.

HR 360

McKinsey's proprietary database that allows HR leaders to benchmark their functions' efficiency, effectiveness, and value contribution against more than 200 major companies and public-sector organizations worldwide. With a holistic set of metrics for HR performance, HR 360 is a key tool in planning and implementing programs to transform HR. It has helped clients improve HR efficiency by 20–30 percent and significantly strengthen service levels.

HR Navigator

McKinsey's proprietary IT tool allows companies to quantify and track the effectiveness and efficiency of the full range of HR products and services. Tailored to the client organization and anchored in its performance-management process, the tool helps HR leaders manage resources and improve business impact. For example: By making the performance differences between HR units transparent, the HR Navigator has helped companies halve their recruitment time and cost.

Top Team Effectiveness Survey

Provides rich, robust data on how well the top team in any type of organization is functioning. As part of a broader diagnostic, it helps surface issues that hold back the leadership's collective performance. The survey quantifies and benchmarks the top team's effectiveness against the dimensions of alignment, execution, and renewal—helping drive improvement across themes such as strengthening strategic decision-making and harnessing leaders' capabilities.

Talent System Assessment Tool (TSAT)

McKinsey's proprietary Talent System Assessment Tool (TSAT) helps companies shape an agenda to strengthen their talent systems for increased business value. Based on our worldwide client work, the tool defines both distinctive and common performance for 24 key talent practices and outcomes, ranging from sourcing and selection to reward and recognition. TSAT thus helps companies benchmark their current talent practices and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Centered Leadership Survey

McKinsey's Centered Leadership Survey assesses executives along five leadership dimensions associated with high performance: meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing. Among leaders who have mastered all five, 92 percent say they have the skills to lead through times of major change, versus just 21 percent for those yet to master them. Executives who take the survey, often as part of leadership-development programs, receive a detailed report on their profile relative to their peers around the world.

Merger Management Boot Camp

McKinsey’s proprietary Merger Management Boot Camp is an intensive, interactive workshop for teams driving post-merger integration. Clients can choose from modules spanning the entire merger process—all harnessing McKinsey's experience to help participants deliver the concrete end products required for the merger.