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How Remarkable Women Lead

Crown Publishing, 2009 | Joanna Barsh, Susie Cranston, and Geoffrey Lewis 

How Remarkable Women Lead presents unique ideas about successful leadership. Based on 5 years of proprietary research, this book raises provocative issues such as whether feminine leadership traits (for women and men) are better suited for our fast-changing, hyper-competitive and increasingly complex world.

Through personal stories, the authors, McKinsey consultants Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston, establish the links between joy, happiness, and distinctive performance with the groundbreaking model of Centered Leadership. The book's personal stories and related insights show how success leads from combining the five elements of Centered Leadership: meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing.

They include:

  • How Alondra de la Parra built on her strengths and passions to infuse her life with meaning and make her way in the male-dominated world of orchestra conducting.
  • How Andrea Jung, the CEO of Avon, avoided a downward spiral when the company turned down by "firing herself" on Friday, re-emerging on Monday as the "new" turnaround CEO.
  • How Ruth Porat's sponsors at Morgan Stanley not only helped her grow but were also her ballast for coping with difficult personal and professional times.
  • How Eileen Naughton recovered after losing her dream job, landing on her feet at Google and open to new leadership opportunity.
  • How Julie Coates of Woolworth's Australia turns energy into a key to her professional success with reserves for her "second shift" as wife and mother.

How Remarkable Women Lead is at once moving and practical. Through lessons and insights based on the stories of successful leaders, this book provides a practical plan for breaking through at both work and in life.

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