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From science to operations

From science to operations: Questions, choices and strategies for success in biopharma

As biopharma products are moving from niche to mainstream, the industry is facing a paradigm shift in cost, quality, complexity, and scale—creating opportunities to develop new and different technologies and operating models. Achieving the next phase of the industry potential will require a further revolution, not only in the laboratory but also in strategy, technology, and operations. Decisions made today will affect companies’ competitive positions years or even decades into the future.

Flawless: From measuring failure to building quality robustness in pharma

Flawless: From measuring failure to building quality robustness in pharma

Having zero errors should be the one overriding objective for quality in the pharmaceutical industry. We highlight how companies can shift their emphasis from “eternal vigilance” to “production system design,” building more robust products and processes, and aiming for performance that comes as close as possible to “flawless.”

interview | McKinsey Quarterly

Toward a circular economy: Philips CEO Frans van Houten

February 2014—A new economic model is helping the Dutch manufacturer improve its resource efficiency and financial attractiveness.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Remaking the industrial economy

February 2014—A regenerative economic model—the circular economy—is starting to help companies create more value while reducing their dependence on scarce resources.more


Strengthening health care’s supply chain: A five-step plan

September 2013—Dramatically changing the sector’s inefficient supply chain may eliminate the dangers posed by counterfeiting and medication errors.more

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

Developing winning products for emerging markets

May 2013—To master the extremes of a fast-changing competitive landscape, challenge your company’s assumptions about designing, developing, and manufacturing  products for these regions.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Retail economics in the era of one-day delivery

May 2013—Retailers can respond by harnessing existing store locations and forging relationships with outside distributors.more


Building superior capabilities for strategic sourcing

May 2013—Purchased materials and services often make up 60 to 80 percent of a product’s cost. Companies that don’t invest in the purchasing team’s capabilities are throwing away value.more

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Speed is not enough

Speed is not enough: Tune your career 2015

At the McKinsey Operations Experience, set to take place at Formula 1 Red Bull Ring in Austria, you will learn more about the exciting career opportunities at McKinsey & Company's EMEA Operations Practice and discover your hidden talents as a race driver.

Operations Excellence Program (OEP)

The Operations Excellence Program is our internal training program for operational transformation expertise. Within a special 2-year training program, we develop our consultants as specialists in operations excellence.more

Finding opportunity in uncertainty

Finding opportunity in uncertainty: A new paradigm for pharmaceutical supply chains

Supply chain is the big challenge in our increasingly volatile world. We have identified a number of specific opportunities where the supply chain could create billions of dollars in value upside for pharmacos. By leveraging lessons from other industries, we provide context to use the supply chain as a key enabler for value creation–which we discuss along the supply chain strategy, execution, and its transformation.

Quest for excellence

Quest for excellence: Driving a step change in medical products operations

The medical product industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. We provide a perspective on the operations function in medical product companies to help respond to these changes, zooming in on some of the capabilities that will matter for the future ranging from design-to-value to software development.

Operations for the executive suite

Operations for the executive suite

Highlights specific opportunities for operations to create significant value upside for pharmacos and emphasizes the role of the executive suite in enabling this value creation.

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation

November 2012—Manufacturing remains a critical force in both advanced and developing economies. But the sector has changed, bringing new opportunities and challenges to business leaders and policy makers. more

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McKinsey Implementation

McKinsey implementation

McKinsey Implementation is a specialized group with broad Operations expertise that helps turn recommended solutions into concrete performance improvement. Working directly at client sites, our implementation consultants build the capabilities, systems, and processes needed to deliver long-term impact.more

McKinsey model factories

McKinsey capability centers

Through our global network of capability centers, clients can “learn by doing” at model factories that simulate manufacturing, call center, and other workplace settings. The focus is on building capabilities such as lean manufacturing, green operations and quality control—plus the skills needed for transformational change.more


Careers in Operations

Learn more about what we do, how you'll grow, current opportunities, and how to apply.more


Advanced Operations Group (AOG)

Learn more about our group of Operations practitioners who bring deep functional and sector expertise from the industry.

Operations Excellence Program

Operations Excellence Program (OEP)

Learn more about how our unique two-year training program, OEP, develops specialists in operations excellence.

McKinsey capability centers

McKinsey capability centers

Learn more about our global capability center network and the individual locations and offerings.more

article | McKinsey QuarterlyNextShoring_1536x1536_Thumbnail

Next-shoring: A CEO’s guide

January 2014—Proximity to demand and innovative supply ecosystems will trump labor costs as technology transforms operations in the years ahead.more

Operations extranet

Our extranet provides distinctive operations knowledge and access to a network of operations professionals at leading companies around the globe. Free access is granted to existing and potential clients.