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article | McKinsey Quarterly

More from less: Making resources more productive

August 2015—For industrial manufacturers, resources remain a huge financial and managerial cost. A change in perspective can lead to real breakthroughs in reducing resource consumption.more

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A new order for law

August 2015—One law firm’s story shows how lean management can transform even the most complicated, tradition-bound, and intellectually demanding of businesses.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation

November 2012—Manufacturing remains a critical force in both advanced and developing economies. But the sector has changed, bringing new opportunities and challenges to business leaders and policy makers. more

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Excellence in supply chain management

Excellence in supply chain management

With the forces of globalization, rapidly changing consumer demand, and volatility at work, supply chains play a critical role in everything from competitive advantage to emerging market success. With so much at stake, companies need to evolve their supply chain capabilities and position them as an essential part of the CEO agenda.



Landing LUNAR

McKinsey’s acquisition of design firm LUNAR adds critical and complementary capabilities to our thriving product development practice. “Bringing together top design, engineering, and business thinking in one holistic approach is going to be very powerful,” said McKinsey partner Derrick Kiker, who led the acquisition.more

Advanced Operations Group

Advanced Operations Group (AOG)

Learn more about our group of Operations practitioners who bring deep functional and sector expertise from the industry.

Operations Excellence Program

Operations Excellence Program (OEP)

Learn more about how our unique two-year training program, OEP, develops specialists in operations excellence.

McKinsey capability centers

McKinsey capability centers

Learn more about our global capability center network and the individual locations and offerings.more


Careers in Operations

Learn more about what we do, how you'll grow, current opportunities, and how to apply.more

Operations extranet

Our extranet provides distinctive operations knowledge and access to a network of operations professionals at leading companies around the globe. Free access is granted to existing and potential clients.