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We serve most of the world’s largest metals-and-mining companies, across all regions. Our consultants and experts help leaders shape winning strategies, transform operational performance, and deliver step-change improvements throughout the value chain—from strategy to capital productivity to marketing.

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Mining’s next performance horizon: Capturing productivity gains from innovation

Mining’s next performance horizon: Capturing productivity gains from innovation

September 2015—With profits down, miners are focused on improving their productivity. Digital innovation could provide a breakthrough.

Hidden treasure

Hidden treasure?

June 2015—Where is the mining industry headed? The sector is at a strategic crossroads. We offer a fresh perspective, based on long-term analysis of industry fundamentals, and examine how M&A opportunities could offer a rare path to growth.


Productivity in mining operations: Reversing the downward trend

May 2015—A new metric shows just how far mining productivity has declined. It also points to ways to improve productivity more effectively.more

Perspective on the diamond industry

Perspectives on the diamond industry

September 2014— Are diamonds really forever? Our analysis suggests that even under the most pessimistic demand scenario, and aggressive supply scenario, industry fundamentals will likely be positive. Nonetheless, rapid change is ahead, and companies must position themselves carefully to take advantage of growth opportunities.

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Reverse the curse: Maximizing the potential of resource-driven economies

December 2013—In 20 years, almost half of the world’s countries could depend on their resource endowments for growth. These economies have a huge opportunity to transform their prospects, and a new model could help governments capture the coming resource windfall instead of squandering it.more

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report | McKinsey Global Institute

Resource revolution: Tracking global commodity markets

September 2013—Commodity prices, though off recent peaks, still reflect emerging-market demand, a challenging geology, innovative technology, and improved resource productivity.more

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Scarcity and saturation
McKinsey on Metals & Mining Number 8, Spring 2013

Scarcity and saturation: Steel and the challenges of volatile raw materials, flat margins, and overcapacities

The next 5 years will be marked by volatility and uncertainty across the steel value chain. Steel players must respond with agility and boldness—including growth across new markets and products, fresh focus on operational excellence, and potentially a major new round of consolidation.

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