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This report is part of the Norms and Values in Digital Media Project Series (2012-14).

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Global media report 2014

Global Media Report 2014

September 2014—To help interpret the global media landscape, this report draws from a proprietary database of historical and forecast data on consumer media and ad spend.

Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

September 2014—More than 60 percent of the world’s population remains offline and adoption is slowing. This report explores the barriers to bringing people online and introduces a new measure to help policy makers understand the challenges in their particular country.

MEI norms
report | World Economic Forum & McKinsey

Norms and values in digital media: Rethinking intellectual property in the digital age

January 2014—The way content and information is created, consumed and shared has changed dramatically in the digital era. New principles are required to address intellectual property issues in the digital context in a hyperconnected world. The principles are part of a World Economic Forum initiative, supported by McKinsey & Company, which examines digital issues related to privacy, freedom of expression, and intellectual property.

article | Forbes

Ready for APIs—3 steps to unlock the data economy’s most promising channel

November 2013—APIs represent an attractive source of potential new revenue for companies, and recent activity suggests companies have just begun to explore potential applications. As the app market’s precipitous growth suggests, companies that get it right will benefit handsomely by developing next revenue streams.

Geoffrey Sands

Paley Center for Media: Media Council International Summit 2013

November 2013—McKinsey director Geoff Sands spoke at the closing panel of the Paley Center for Media’s Media Council’s International Summit in New York where McKinsey was the knowledge partner.

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Boosting pricing performance for a subscription cable company

McKinsey team helps a cable company take a completely new approach to rate setting, based on quantitative rigor and powerful consumer pricing insightsmore


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article | McKinsey on Marketing & SalesDan Singer

What’s your sports sponsorship worth?

January 2014–Five metrics you need to have to see if your sports sponsorships are paying off.

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