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Social campaigns
article | The Economist Group

Three secrets to win the social marketing wars

October 2013—Spending in social media marketing is projected to grow by 234 percent over five years. If you’re feeding this growth, you’d better be asking if your investment is contributing to victory or defeat.

Building effective social media service

Why the COO should own social media service

September 2013—Social media provides quick, cost-effective and powerful customer service tools, but too many companies don’t put the management of these channels in the best hands.more


Bullish on digital: McKinsey Global Survey results

August 2013—CEOs and other senior executives are increasingly engaged as their companies step up efforts to build digital enterprises.more

Mobile channel sales
article | Harvard Business Review

Cracking the mobile advertising code

September 2013—Sales made through mobile channels are expected to triple by 2016—but mobile advertisers need to focus on real opportunities and not false hopes.

Online marketing big data

A symphony of separate instruments: Cross-channel and online sales

July 2013—Disruptors in telecoms, media, and technology are forcing established companies to adapt quickly or go out of business.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

The ‘social’ side of Chinese health care

June 2013—Most Chinese physicians participate actively in social media, and many hospitals have picked up on the trend—but drug manufacturers are just beginning to do so.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Taking the pulse of China’s ad spending

June 2013—A big shift in Chinese advertising spending is under way.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Getting to know China’s premium-car market

June 2013—Consumers in the fastest-growing market for luxury autos are seeking more than status.more

Cloud technology
presentation | SlideShare

The cloud, technology, and innovation

June 2013—Companies need to think about “cloud” technology as a source of innovation and disruptive business models.

Digital publishing
presentation | SlideShare

Digital revolution: Six trends for the media industry

June 2013—The digital revolution has shaken the publishing industry. Six trends, however, highlight new opportunities, with big implications for the media industry.

Are you ready for the digital revolution
infographic | Pinterest

Are you ready for the digital revolution?

May 2013—Changes in the consumer decision journey have created a surge in big data and multichannel challenges for today’s business.

article | McKinsey Quarterly

The coming era of ‘on-demand’ marketing

April 2013—Emerging technologies are poised to personalize the consumer experience radically—in real time and almost everywhere. It’s not too early to prepare.more

Three lessons of successful digital marketing
video | YouTube

Three lessons of successful digital marketing

April 2013—Robert Tas, managing director and head of digital marketing at JP Morgan Chase, describes what the keys to success are.


E-journey: Digital marketing and the “path to purchase”

January 2013—Telecoms players can gain significant top-line benefits and cost savings by emphasizing digital channels in their sales and marketing.more

Touch point complexity

Out of the shadows: The Internet puts marketing in the spotlight

December 2012—Marketing, once a last-stage “push” for products, has become a cross-functional force for consumer-focused companies.more

Eight digital trends in auto industry

Eight trends shaping digital marketing in the auto industry

November 2012—Marketers need to shift digital marketing into overdrive to enable a new, highly effective, targeted, and real-time approach to customers.more

sales growth in emerging markets

Act like a local: How to sell in emerging markets

September 2012—Emerging markets can be fertile ground for enormous sales growth, but each market has its own unique hurdles. more

Get in touch with customer touch points

Get in touch with customer touch points

September 2012—Customers are demanding very different kinds of relationships with companies. Here are some ways to jump-start customer engagement across your organization.more

Retail banking online

Retail bank distribution 2015—Full digitalisation with a human touch

April 2012—How can banks win and retain clients who are increasingly using multiple channels and serve them in a cost efficient way?more


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