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Our consultants help high-tech companies around the world innovate, improve operations, and deliver value—from early-stage companies to multinational software, hardware, and services providers.

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Internet of things

Internet of Things

IoT gives our clients the opportunity to solve some of their most intractable business challenges; to improve the way they work internally and the way their products and services work for their customers.more

Are your customers becoming digital junkies?


We have surveyed more than 200,000 consumers across 15 countries to understand how they use technology to communicate, consume content, shop, and create. Learn more about the insights from this multi-year research initiative.more

Telecoms extranet

Telecom, Media & High Tech Extranet

The Telecommunications, Media and High Tech (TMT) practices now have a new Extranet with insights into the industry, including an extensive article database and a members list to help you get in touch with industry experts. Free access is granted to all business leaders in the TMT industries.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing is an IT phenomenon transforming the way information is captured, stored and managed. Kara Sprague, a partner in McKinsey's Silicon Valley office, and Will Forrest, a partner in McKinsey's Chicago office, discuss how cloud computing is a key disruptive force creating opportunities for both traditional and new players, driving technological innovations, and leading to the emergence of new business models.


Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

Offline and falling behind: Barriers to Internet adoption

September 2014—More than 60 percent of the world’s population remains offline and adoption is slowing. This report explores the barriers to bringing people online and introduces a new measure to help policy makers understand the challenges in their particular country.


Grow fast or die slow

April 2014—Software and online-services companies can quickly become billion-dollar giants, but the recipe for sustained growth remains elusive.more

Cloud services for SMBs

Big business in small business: Cloud services for SMBs

March 2014—Cloud services are gaining ground in all segments, but small and medium-sized businesses present a unique opportunity. Understanding and addressing what sets them apart is the key to success.


India’s Internet opportunity

March 2013—The country is on the verge of a huge expansion in Internet usage. If it manages its online engagement intelligently, GDP could soar.more

A glimpse into future market evolution
compendium | iConsumer

iConsumers: Life online

January 2013–New digital technologies are multiplying, changing consumer behavior and spending. McKinsey research explores the opportunities in digital marketing, detail the role digital and mobile tools play in the consumer's decision process, and review major global changes.

Making smartphones brilliant
report | Recall

Making smartphones brilliant: Ten trends

June 2012–Mobile smart devices are a necessity for many. Given the enormous stakes, players across the telecom value chain need to be more strategic to win the day.

Navigating a rapidly changing world

John Forsyth
article | McKinsey on Marketing & Sales

Are you losing the Big Data talent war?

February 2014—Finding the right array of marketing analytics talent requires companies to change their recruiting tactics and strategies.


Minding your digital business: McKinsey Global Survey results

May 2012—Executives expect that new digital technologies will transform their businesses, but many admit their companies are far from prepared in developing capabilities and meeting challenges.more

Mobility disruption A CIO perspective

Mobility disruption: A CIO perspective

September 2012—Enterprise mobility is poised to fundamentally change the IT landscape. Here’s an overview of the opportunities and some early lessons on how to manage the associated security risks, costs, and organizational challenges. more


Automating the bank’s back office

July 2012—The dream of achieving rapid, large-scale process automation is becoming a reality for some banks. Competitors cannot afford to miss the opportunity to transform their own back-office processes.more

Rio rising: Leveraging digital market opportunities in Brazil
report | iConsumer

Rio rising: Leveraging digital market opportunities in Brazil

August 2012–As one of the most attractive developing markets in the world, Brazil has caught the eye of many companies, especially as developed markets appear to struggle.

podcast | TMT Practice

Enterprise Mobility

August 2012–What is driving enterprise mobility? How is mobility shifting the paradigm of enterprise technology and how are CIOs reacting to employee demand to ‘mobilize’ their work? Listen in as Lisa Ellis, a Partner in McKinsey's Stamford, Connecticut office, and Anupam Banerjee, an Associate Principal in McKinsey's Stamford office, raise and answer key questions about enterprise mobility.


South America's high tech reach & relevance

January 2012–Brazil is poised to become one of the world's most important high tech markets—both in terms of consumption and innovation. Find out how a McKinsey team is helping.more

James Manyika at e-G8 Forum
article | McKinsey Global Institute

Sizing the Internet economy in emerging countries

April 2012–The Internet is now penetrating emerging economies at a rapid speed with the promise of rich economic benefits, write Olivia Nottebohm, James Manyika and Michael Chui in the Financial Times.more

Impact of the internet on aspiring countries

Online and upcoming: The Internet's impact on aspiring countries

January 2012–This report examines the impact of the Internet on a group of developing countries with both the scale and dynamism to be significant players on the global stage in the near future.more

Sizing the Internet economy
report | McKinsey Global Institute

Sizing the Internet economy

May 2011–The Internet accounts for a significant and growing portion of global GDP. Internet-related consumption and expenditure, if measured as a sector, is now bigger than agriculture or energy. On average, the Internet contributes 3.4 percent to GDP in the G-8 countries, China, India, Brazil, South Korea, and Sweden—equal to the GDP of Spain and Canada.more

Impact of Internet technologies

The impact of internet technologies: Search

July 2011–McKinsey's new report assesses the impact of search technologies, looking at how they unlock value and identifying the major beneficiaries, including businesses, individuals, and public service entities.


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