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Unlocking digital health: Opportunities for the mobile value chain

Unlocking digital health: Opportunities for the mobile value chain

April 2015—New business models—such as monetizing consumer data and facilitating offline transactions—in adjacent sectors such as healthcare present growth opportunities for mobile carriers.

The evidence for integrated care

The evidence for integrated care

March 2015—There is no clear definition of “integrated care,” and this has led to a perception that the evidence for it is weak. But the results of hundreds of clinical studies show a nearly 20 percent reduction in hospital admissions, and other benefits, with clear commonalities between successful programs.

In the cold light of day 10 demanding tests for hospital strategy
report | Healthcare Strategy and Corporate Finance

In the cold light of day: 10 demanding tests for hospital strategy

February 2015—We distill seminal McKinsey thinking on what makes a great strategy into 10 practical questions about a hospital’s strategy. Any healthcare provider can use these questions to test the strength of its strategy.


An essential strategy for the Essential Drug List

July 2014—Pharmacos will need to confront the implications of the new Essential Drug List on their growth opportunity and prepare for the new world with a clear strategy and fresh capabilities.more


Healthcare’s digital future

July 2014—Insights from our international survey can help healthcare organizations plan their next moves in the journey toward full digitization.more


How US healthcare companies can thrive amid disruption

June 2014—The healthcare industry is undergoing sweeping change. To emerge as winners, incumbents should learn from other industries that have faced similar upheaval.more


Leading in the 21st century: An interview with HCA CEO Richard Bracken

November 2013—The chairman and chief executive officer of one of the world’s largest operators of health-care facilities discusses leadership in a time of significant industry change.more


Claiming the $1 trillion prize in US health care

September 2013—By tying payments more aggressively to patient outcomes rather than to services rendered, the US health-care system could deliver substantial savings over the next decade.more

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The post-reform health system

The post-reform health system: Meeting the challenges ahead

June 2013—This series of articles provides an overview of core concepts and approaches that have successfully advanced the strategic positioning and performance of US health systems.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

The ‘social’ side of Chinese health care

June 2013—Most Chinese physicians participate actively in social media, and many hospitals have picked up on the trend—but drug manufacturers are just beginning to do so.more

The ‘big data’ revolution in healthcare: Accelerating value and innovation
article | McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform

The ‘big data’ revolution in healthcare: Accelerating value and innovation

January 2013–An era of open information in healthcare is now under way. The implications for payors, providers, patients, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other commercial organizations are vast.



The Center for US Health System Reform

The Center for US Health System Reform

Our source on the economics of health and the implications of the Affordable Care Act, the Center undertakes original research and develops tools to help navigate in a post-reform era.

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