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Individual market enrollment: Early assessments

Individual market enrollment: Early assessments

January 2014—Our fourth intelligence brief on exchange dynamics shares observations of the individual market through the mid-point of open enrollment.

Hospital networks

Hospital networks: Configurations on the exchanges and their impact on premiums

December 2013—Our third intelligence brief on exchange dynamics sets forth five observations based on analysis of new network configurations across 20 urban rating areas.


Leading in the 21st century: An interview with HCA CEO Richard Bracken

November 2013—The chairman and chief executive officer of one of the world’s largest operators of health-care facilities discusses leadership in a time of significant industry change.more

Impact of the Affordable Care Act

Exchanges go live: Early trends in exchange dynamics

November 2013—Our second official intelligence brief on exchange dynamics is based on a comprehensive analysis of all exchange offerings across the entire US—a database of more than 21,000 unique qualified health plans filed on the public exchanges in all 501 rating areas in the 50 states and District of Columbia. As this data is dynamic, the trends presented are meant to be directional indicators.

Emerging exchange dynamics: Temporary turbulence or sustainable market disruption?

Emerging exchange dynamics

September 2013—The McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform has analyzed emerging data for the individual-exchange market across 47 states and the District of Columbia, based on information publically available as of September 12, 2013. This intelligence brief comprises an initial set of analyses regarding the structure, competitive dynamics and pricing on the exchanges, and their implications.


Claiming the $1 trillion prize in US health care

September 2013—By tying payments more aggressively to patient outcomes rather than to services rendered, the US health-care system could deliver substantial savings over the next decade.more

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The post-reform health system

The post-reform health system: Meeting the challenges ahead

June 2013—This series of articles provides an overview of core concepts and approaches that have successfully advanced the strategic positioning and performance of US health systems.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

The ‘social’ side of Chinese health care

June 2013—Most Chinese physicians participate actively in social media, and many hospitals have picked up on the trend—but drug manufacturers are just beginning to do so.more

Big data in healthcare
article | McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform

The ‘big data’ revolution in healthcare: Accelerating value and innovation

January 2013–An era of open information in healthcare is now under way. The implications for payors, providers, patients, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other commercial organizations are vast.

Health International, issue 12
article | Health International

Health International, issue 12

December 2012–Most health system leaders today, faced hard decisions about money, have discovered that they have a “healthcare value gap”—the outcomes their systems are achieving with each euro, pound, or dollar spent often fall short of what they could be. But in pockets of innovation around the world, some health systems have found a way to address the value gap successfully.more

Accounting for the cost of US health care
report | McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform

Accounting for the cost of US health care: Pre-reform trends and the impact of the recession

December 2011–The latest report from the McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform on health care spending from 2006–09 sheds light on pre-reform trends and the impact of the recession.


Spurring the market for high-tech home health care

September 2011—A daunting array of financial and operational barriers is holding back growth. What can be done?more

Reforming hospitals with IT investment

Reforming hospitals with IT investment

August 2010—Mandated upgrades to health care IT will demand heavy investments by providers but will help them minimize waste and standardize best medical practice. However, the providers will have to take a radically new approach to IT.more


The emerging market in health care innovation

May 2010—Innovators—some from developing nations—have found ways to deliver care effectively at significantly lower cost while increasing access and quality.more

Health care survey results
survey | Health Systems & Services

US employer healthcare survey

June 2011–In February 2011, McKinsey & Company hired Ipsos, an independent market and opinion research company, to conduct a survey of US private sector employers. The survey results offered a snapshot of employer attitudes at that time and provided an understanding of the factors that might influence decision-making related to employee health benefits. It was not intended as a predictive economic analysis of the impact of the Affordable Care Act.more


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