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The bank of the future

November 2014—Digitization is challenging the very way banks operate. Yet it also represents a significant opportunity, as McKinsey’s Somesh Khanna explains.more

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McKinsey Global Payments 2014

Global Payments 2014: A return to sustainable growth brings new challenges

October 2014—McKinsey’s latest Global Payments Map paints the picture of an industry’s return to sustainable growth, robust in some markets and products, solid in others.

Accelerating growth and profits in North American commercial banking

Accelerating growth and profits in North American commercial banking

October 2014—While the numbers paint an optimistic picture for commercial banking in North America, new research from McKinsey has found that performance is highly variable across banks and that this performance gap may be widening.

The trillion-dollar convergence

The trillion-dollar convergence: Capturing the next wave of growth in alternative investments

August 2014—The ongoing integration of alternatives into the core of both retail and institutional portfolios will represent one of the most attractive growth opportunities for asset managers in the coming five years. It is an opportunity that will change the competitive dynamics of the industry as the business models and strategies of traditional and alternatives managers converge.

US retail asset management

Blending science with art to capture growth in U.S. retail asset management

July 2014—As competition intensifies in U.S. retail, the world's largest asset management market, managers must take a more scientific and analytical approach to market positioning, sales and distribution to capture growth.

brave new world

The brave new world of SEFs: How broker-dealers can protect their franchises

June 2014—Swap execution facilities, or SEFs, newly-created platforms mandated by U.S. regulators for trading selected interest-rate and credit-default swaps, could result in major structural declines in broker-dealers’ flow derivative revenues and profits.

Capturing the rapidly growing DC investment-only opportunity

Capturing the rapidly growing DC investment-only opportunity: The time for decisive action is now

May 2014—The DCIO market represents one of the most attractive growth opportunities in asset management. But asset managers that are dabbling in DCIO face a stark choice: commit to invest in a well-defined strategy, or re-allocate time and resources to other opportunities. A half-hearted approach is unlikely to be successful.


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