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Navigating the shifting terrain

Navigating the shifting terrain of North American asset management

November 2015—Fundamental shifts in client demand, product innovation, distribution, technology and regulation are reshaping the terrain of North American asset management and will require asset managers to rethink their traditional operating models. The industry is at an inflection point on a number of these dimensions, and the next five years represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity for firms to position themselves for lasting success.

The Fight for the Customer: McKinsey Global Banking Annual Review 2015

The fight for the customer: McKinsey global banking annual review 2015

September 2015—While the global banking industry has achieved a modicum of stability over the past several years, earning a record $1 trillion in 2014 and recording a 9.5% return on equity for the third consecutive year, banks now face rising competitive threats on all sides as new technology companies and others seek to poach their customers.

Payments in Asia

Payments in Asia: At the vanguard of digital innovation

October 2015—Digitization of business processes and the emergence of new platforms for payments and finance bring both challenges and opportunities to payments businesses operating within Asia or serving clients who trade with Asia.

Two Routes to Digital Success In Capital Markets

Two routes to digital success in capital markets

October 2015—There are two routes to digital success in capital markets. The first, the all-in approach, makes sense for only a handful of banks with a strong propensity for electronic trading and a track record of technology delivery. The second route is targeted, with digital investments limited and tightly focused on protecting client franchises and reducing operating costs. Both approaches will deliver significant savings.

Global Payments 2015: A Healthy Industry Confronts Disruption

Global payments 2015: A healthy industry confronts disruption

October 2015—The global payments industry will continue to grow at a healthy rate during the next five years. But there will be a rebalancing of revenue sources and powerful disruptive forces will begin to reshape the global landscape.

New Heights Demand Increasing Agility: Global Asset Management Overview

New heights demand increasing agility: Global asset management overview

June 2015—The global asset management industry had a record year in 2014. However, asset management firms will need to develop greater agility if they are to maintain leading positions through the next economic cycle.

The virtual financial advisor: Delivering personalized advice in the Digital Age

The virtual financial advisor: Delivering personalized advice in the digital age

June 2015—Pioneering firms are quickly building execution expertise in delivering remote advice, starting to attract new clients and reaping cost-advantages through the use of advice centers.


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