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The Fight for the Customer: McKinsey Global Banking Annual Review 2015

The fight for the customer: McKinsey global banking annual review 2015

September 2015—While the global banking industry has achieved a modicum of stability over the past several years, earning a record $1 trillion in 2014 and recording a 9.5% return on equity for the third consecutive year, banks now face rising competitive threats on all sides as new technology companies and others seek to poach their customers.

New Heights Demand Increasing Agility: Global Asset Management Overview

New heights demand increasing agility: Global asset management overview

June 2015—The global asset management industry had a record year in 2014. However, asset management firms will need to develop greater agility if they are to maintain leading positions through the next economic cycle.

The virtual financial advisor: Delivering personalized advice in the Digital Age

The virtual financial advisor: Delivering personalized advice in the digital age

June 2015—Pioneering firms are quickly building execution expertise in delivering remote advice, starting to attract new clients and reaping cost-advantages through the use of advice centers.

digital wallets

Gauging the disruptive potential of digital wallets

May 2015—Digital wallets must continue to evolve if they are to have a truly disruptive impact on the payments landscape. Providers can improve their chances by focusing on six “markers” for success in payments innovation.

transaction banking

New partnership models in transaction banking

May 2015—A number of trends are leading to a fundamental rethinking of the traditional model by which banks offer transaction banking services to clients outside their established markets. Four partnership models offer the best opportunities for success.

Faster payments

Faster payments: Building a business, not just an infrastructure

May 2015—A faster payments infrastructure is not an end in itself, it is an opportunity for banks to deliver innovative products and services in both consumer and corporate payments.

Retail Banking Insights

Driving revenue growth in retail banking

March 2015—As the US economy experiences positive signs of renewal and growth, proactively setting a revenue growth agenda will become increasingly important for banks, and a consumer-centric approach to product development and services should be a central part of this agenda.

The making of a digital insurer: The path to enhanced profitability, lower costs and stronger customer loyalty

The making of a digital insurer: The path to enhanced profitability, lower costs and stronger customer loyalty

March 2015—Digital leaders leverage technologies such as mobile, social and cloud to make better decisions, automate processes, deepen their connection with customers, employees and intermediaries, and pursue profitable innovation, all at a rapid development pace.

Leveraging the Digital Potential In Corporate Banking

Leveraging the digital potential in corporate banking

February 2015—Thus far, only a small number of corporate banks have leveraged the full power of digital to serve their clients. These leaders have already seen significant cost savings and revenue growth by digitally optimizing key points in the corporate banking value chain.


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