Corporate Finance

McKinsey’s Strategy & Trend Analysis Center (STAC) is a state-of-the-art center of expertise for data and analytics in corporate finance, macroeconomics, and strategic foresights. It comprises a multidisciplinary team of over 70 experts, almost all of whom hold advanced degrees in economics, finance, the sciences, and other analytic disciplines. This team has developed a series of advanced databases, analytical methods, data visualization techniques, and specialized know-how. When combined with our strong expertise in development and execution, STAC helps McKinsey's clients get to deeper strategic insights, faster.

Among STAC’s many capabilities, we highlight:

Corporate Performance Diagnostic (CPD)

Offering a fact-based perspective on the link between a company's valuation in the financial markets and its underlying operational performance, this set of advanced financial analyses helps organizations understand their capital markets valuation, the fundamental drivers of their value, the performance of their portfolio, and their positioning in the market space.

Corporate Performance Analysis Tool (CPAT)

Illustrating how valuation techniques and principles are applied in real-world situations, CPAT is key to formulating a winning financial strategy. CPAT provides a variety of bespoke advisory services, which can be tailored to target specific issues our clients may face.

Value Navigator

A granular approach to portfolio management that helps companies gear up for higher future value creation through value-based performance management, optimized resource allocation, and portfolio moves.


An online, searchable library of short briefings on more than 400 global trends in technology, society, and the macroeconomy, which helps organizations gain strategic foresights, identify growth opportunities, and manage uncertainties on the things to come.

Finance 360

A holistic assessment that helps companies assess the performance of their finance function, Finance 360 also helps clients develop a deeper understanding of how to transform the finance functions and improve their capabilities in overall service to internal customers and speed of execution.

M&A Diagnostic

An in-depth assessment of a company’s existing M&A program and capabilities, this diagnostic identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement across multiple dimensions which acts as a roadmap for upgrading capabilities and performance.


Featured book

Valuation, 6th edition

Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies

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