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mckinsey on finance issue 49

Leading companies out of crisis: Ten tips from a veteran turnaround artist

Even good managers can miss the early signs of distress, says Doug Yakola, who’s been running recovery programs for 20 years. The first step is to acknowledge there’s a problem.


The strategic yardstick you can’t afford to ignore

A systematic scan of the economic-profit performance of nearly 3,000 global companies yields fresh insight about where and how to compete.


A big role for CFOs in big data

Others may lead in building data-analytics capabilities, but CFOs should cast a gimlet eye on how such efforts would ultimately create value.


How they fell: The collapse of Chinese cross-border listings

As the China-US IPO pipeline restarts, recent history offers lessons for companies, investors, and regulators.


Is your budget process stuck on last year’s numbers?

Budgeting decisions are often anchored to the past. Here’s how to dislodge them.



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